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WattStopper Unveils Modular Panel for Lighting Control


SANTA CLARA, CALIF.—WattStopper has announced a modular panel to provide electrical contractors with cost-effective code-compliant lighting control for a wide variety of small projects. The new LC8 panel allows installers to quickly configure customized control solutions from just three standard off-the-shelf products. The panel accommodates up to four relay modules, with any combination of two different types of module. Choices include a dual single-pole 120/277 VAC relay module and a single double-pole 208/240/480 VAC relay module. Each panel is equipped with a system clock and touchscreen interface for simple scheduled control, including astronomic control options. Accessories include an exterior photocell and a new line of low-profile decorator style switches for manual control.

The LC8 is ideal for applications such as controlling lobbies, corridors, public spaces or exteriors of larger buildings. The new panel will appeal to electrical distributors as well as contractors because it is a price leader in its category, and because its modular design facilitates quick and easy configuration for so many applications.

Panel configuration takes just a few minutes, and each panel provides zone-based control of up to eight channels of lighting. The relay modules simply clip onto a DIN rail in the LC8 panel via integral connectors. Zones respond to control signals from the system clock or accessory photocells, switches, occupancy sensors or other input devices. The panel is shipped with pre-programmed control scenarios to simplify setup of automatic lighting control for energy savings and code compliance. Users program the LC8 with a backlit touch screen interface that offers context-sensitive on-screen help.

In addition to the LC8, WattStopper recently introduced a companion line of LVSW-100 Series low voltage switches for applications that require manual control. The low profile 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- and 8-button switches are compatible with standard single-gang decorator style wall plates. Additionally, the switches feature replaceable buttons, so that each switch may be customized in the field, either with different color buttons or with custom-engraved buttons. Buttons can be replaced without removing the switch from the wall. Each switch button includes an LED pilot light that displays the status of connected LC8 panel relays. LVSW-100 Series switches and button kits are available in five colors.

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