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Watt Stopper/Legrand Introduces New Card Key Room Entry Switches


SANTA CLARA, CALIF.—Watt Stopper/Legrand has developed a line of card key switches for hospitality facilities that help hotels stop the energy waste of guestroom lighting being left on when no one is present. Unique in the United States, these switches comply with IECC and ASHRAE/IESNA energy codes which require that hotel guestrooms have a master switch at the entrance of every room.

Lights being left on in hotel guestrooms when the rooms are left vacant is a common problem and great source of energy waste. The HS series switches enable or disable power to a select number of electric circuits and loads present inside a guestroom, eliminating the potential for this waste. The low voltage HS-100 has normally open and normally closed isolated relays that allow it to interface with third party energy management and/or lighting management control systems, as well as with Watt Stopper power packs. The HS-150 is a line voltage switch that will serve as a primary or master switch at the guestroom’s entrance.

A common application for these card key switches is to allow them to collectively control all permanently installed luminaries and switched receptacles in a hotel guestroom, except those in the bathroom(s) if so required by code. Operation is simple and convenient: when a hotel door entry card-key (or the key fob HS-FOB) is inserted in the HS-100/HS-150’s card slot, the controlled circuits are energized. When the hotel door entry card-key (or HS-FOB) is removed, the controlled circuits will remain energized for 30 seconds more to allow safe egress from the hotel room. After this time delay elapses, they will be de-energized. To restore power to the room (that is, to the controlled circuits and loads), the occupant will need to reinsert the hotel card-key into the HS-100/HS-150 card slot.

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