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Waterless Co., No-Flush Urinal Manufacturer, Celebrates 15th Anniversary


VISTA, CALIF.—Waterless Co. LLC, manufacturer of Waterless No-Flush urinals, announces the celebration of its 15 years in business. The company was started in 1991 with the goal of helping to reduce wasteful water usage and establish a new industry segment for non-water restroom fixtures. The company was the very first manufacturer of waterless urinals in the United States.

“We are very proud of having introduced this technology to the market,” says Klaus Reichardt, managing partner of the company. “And with the continued introduction of more products and innovations, our company is expanding into more countries as well.”

According to Reichardt, a conventional urinal can use as much as 45,000 gallons of water annually. But a waterless urinal, as the name implies, uses no water. With a waterless system, gravity drains the urine into a trap/cylinder unit placed at the bottom of the urinal. Filled with a thin layer of liquid sealant, urine passes through the trap/cylinder and sealant, which prevents odors from being released into the air. As it fills, the urine overflows into a conventional drainpipe—much the same way a traditional urinal works.

“The system is as simple as it is practical,” says Reichardt. “In most cases, waterless urinals are easy to maintain, cost effective, and as many experts point out, even more hygienic because they do not use water or require any touching to flush.”

For more information, go to www.waterless.com.