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WaterGuru AI Helps Lodging Resort Save $65k in Water Management Costs


FREEMONT, CALIF.—WaterGuru, the market leader in empowering residential swimming pool owners, property and resort management companies, country clubs and pool service firms with the ability to automate consistent resort-quality swimming water, announced the business impact results of its first lodging customer—Venture Resorts, of Gatlinburg, Tenn. By integrating AI into its overall water management program Venture Resorts, which is part of TowneBank’s 2,500-property portfolio, saved over $65,000 in operational costs self-managing 32 pools over the course of a single year.

“The SENSE water monitoring system automates the daily testing for us more accurately, continually reports on water temperature, in addition to saving money and serves as our early warning system, alerting us to impending pool equipment failures. Most importantly, it has freed up our staff to attend to guests and other property management tasks to stay ahead of problems before they occur or affect guests,” says Venture Resorts’ General Manager Billy Parris. “Using AI-powered smart pool technology, we now regularly monitor and self-manage 32 swimming pools, all from a single visual dashboard. Because the data is automatically logged in the cloud, we easily meet regulatory compliance and mitigate the potential for lawsuits that could arise from pool hygiene issues.”

Venture Resorts manages 350 vacation properties hosting well over 200,000 guests each year in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, a popular family vacation destination. Delivering a consistently good pool experience for its guests was, according to Parris, historically an uphill battle before adopting the use of WaterGuru’s AI-powered in-pool monitoring system. What was the resulting business impact of Venture Resorts infusing automation and smart pool technology into its water management program?

1. A measurably improved pool experience and guest satisfaction.
2. Elimination of costly room credits previously stemming from pool complaints.
3) $65k in pool related operational savings from better staff utilization in its first year of deployment.

Less Time Focused on Customer Complaints

According to WaterGuru’s Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Siegel, “WaterGuru is on a mission to help forward thinking hotels and lodging properties like Venture Resorts not only stay compliant with CDC and local health regulatory guidelines, but also learn how to infuse AI and automation into water management programs that enable employees to focus more on guest service and less on customer complaints.”

At the recent Hospitality Show industry conference in Las Vegas, several of the hotel industry’s top executives cited AI as the most important innovation to harness and implement as a solution to help general managers address ongoing staff shortages and high turnover rates, while also needing to improve guest experiences. During a panel discussion entitled, Hospitality CIOs Meet Their Customers, Scott Strickland, EVP and Chief Information Officer for Wyndham Hotels & Resorts said, “AI is a tool, just like business intelligence is a tool and data is a tool. The way we’re looking at it is how do we apply this tool for our three customer segments, which is our team members, our franchisees, and our guests? For our Wyndham employees certainly it’s a great tool to accelerate finding reference data and for our franchisees it’s going to help them focus more on the guest experience.”

The SENSE Series 2 is available for purchase now through WaterGuru.com. For more information about WaterGuru’s new commercial program, contact Jeff Siegel at jeff@waterguru.com.