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Waiting for Irma & Getting Nervous


With Hurricane Irma bearing down on the Caribbean, Florida and probably other part of the United States, this Green Lodging News editor is getting just a little nervous. My office is based in Odessa, just north of Tampa. I have lived in Ohio most of my life, have gone through some pretty serious storms but nothing like a category 5 hurricane. Everyone knows how important tourism is to Florida. In the first six months of this year, the state welcomed 60 million visitors—a state record. Irma could so some major damage to Florida tourism, its hotels and its many attractions. At a time like this I am of course concerned about what is most important—the safety of my family and other families and friends. After Hurricane Harvey and what it did to communities in Texas, it is hard to believe our country will already have another major storm to deal with. It is at times like this that the hotel industry shows it true heart. I just posted an article about Wynn Resorts donating $7.5 million to hurricane victims in Texas and Macau. And, on Friday I received a press release about Clean the World Foundation and Guest Supply partnering to provide 60,000 hygiene kits and linens to Hurricane Harvey victims in Houston. These are just two of many examples of kindness shown by our industry. In the aftermath of Harvey and the soon to be aftermath of Irma, continue to open up your hearts and wallets for the victims of these huge storms.