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VITO AG Introduces X-Series to United States


ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, ILL.—The VITO X-Series—the first patented vacuum filtration system in hospitality—is now available. “The industry needed a filtration solution for restaurants serving a high volume of fried dishes, food productions with larger fryers or catering operations requiring a time efficient and convenient way to filter their frying oil,” says Andreas Schmidt, CEO of VITO AG, Germany. “We at VITO decided to fill this void by manufacturing the first ever vacuum filtration system called the X-Series. We are proud to announce the availability also in the United States.”

The X-Series works based on a simple principle with a focus on oil savings and safety: The unit creates a vacuum, sucking out the used frying oil through a hose into a self-contained and closed tank. The process of not drai­ning the hot oil creates a safe working environment around the deep fryers. During this innovative oil removal process the frying medium must pass an environmentally friendly filter pad, a very fine microfiltration without the usage of chemicals or additives. Oil savings up to 50 percent will be achieved by removing also the finest food and carbon particles. When the deep fryer is emptied out it can be deep cleaned while the oil is stored in the VITO X filter system. The frying medium is pumped back after the filtration process. The result? Clean oil which leads to a tasty fried product and a well fed, satisfied customer. The VITO X-Series is available in three different sizes: tank volume up to 73lbs.; up to 137lbs. and up to 219lbs.

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