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Video Released of Largest Ever SolarWindow Generating Electricity


VESTAL, N.Y.—SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. released scheduled video footage of its largest ultra-transparent SolarWindow, discretely generating electricity to power lighting and drive a digital multimeter. Capable of generating current and voltage while maintaining the transparent nature of ordinary glass, the featured nine-square-foot SolarWindow was created using the company’s patented LiquidElectricity coatings.

These coatings transform otherwise ordinary glass into high-value glass which generates power from sunlight, indoor lighting, and even in the shade.

When installed on commercial buildings, SolarWindow products could achieve a one-year financial payback for building owners, according to independently-validated company power and financial modeling.

“Shareholders, building owners, developers, and architects have long-awaited the opportunity to witness first-hand our transparent SolarWindow products generating electricity,” said Jay Bhogal, CEO of SolarWindow. “Our largest ever SolarWindow provides a glimpse at the future of electrification. Beyond today’s success with electricity-generating glass, within reach is the promise of electrifying automotive windows and sunroofs, rail and marine applications and various consumer products and military uses.”

Strong Capital Position

The SolarWindow announcement is the result of the company’s strong capital position, which has enabled an expanded management team and enhanced board of directors.

In recent months, the company has augmented its board of directors with the appointment of John Rhee, former Executive Director at the SoftBank Alternative Investment and Venture Fund and bolstered its management team with Jay S. Bhogal as President and CEO. Bhogal has a history of rapidly accelerating the commercialization of breakthrough technologies and consummating commercial and institutional partnerships. The company has also established the SolarWindow Innovation Group, under the leadership of John Conklin, Chief Technology Officer.

“I’m extremely proud of John and his team, who have overcome stay-at-home mandates, travel constraints and physical distancing protocols to bring us the largest transparent electricity-window to date,” explained Harmel Rayat, Chairman of SolarWindow. “As an owner of commercial properties, I envision a day when buildings everywhere become vertical power generators simply by installing electricity-generating SolarWindows.”