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Victorian Hotel Adds New Electric Vehicle Charging Station


VANCOUVER, B.C.—The Victorian Hotel, a boutique hotel in Vancouver, B.C., announced the installation of a new Electric Vehicle Charging System. Guests with electric cars can now enjoy this complimentary service while staying at the hotel.
The upgrade is timely; conveniently coinciding with Tesla taking orders for their new, more affordable Model 3. In just a week, the company received almost 325,000 reservations, or about $14 billion in future sales. The implication seems to be that there will be more electric cars on the road in the near future—and more people will require amenities for charging.

The charging station at the Victorian Hotel is compatible with both Tesla and other vehicle models. Additionally, the stations are designed and calibrated for high speed charging, which means several vehicles could charge in a relatively short time span.

Presently, the Victorian Hotel has two charging stations on their lot and two more systems in an overflow lot off-site, about 1/2 block away on Homer Street.

For more information, go to: http://victorianhotel.ca/blog.