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vCandidates.com Helps Transition Workforce Towards New Opportunities


TEMPE, ARIZ.—With the pandemic outbreak forcing many organizations to downsize, vCandidates.com is helping employers by providing a special free offer to its platform to outgoing workforce, helping them discover and transition into their next opportunity faster. The special free offer provided by vCandidates.com enables employers to provide employees who need to be let go currently making $19 hourly or greater with 90-day subscriptions. Employers will receive additional 90-day subscriptions to the vCandidates.com platform for free.

“Our team surveyed over 3,000 candidates who had been let go, and the consensus was the same: their employers didn’t care what happened to them, nor could they directly connect them with hiring professionals. When crafting vCandidates.com.com as a SaaS career platform, we knew we had to create a product that would aid employers and help encourage those faced with being downsized. It was just the right thing to do,” says vCandidates.com’s CEO and Founder, LT Ladino Bryson.

The free subscriptions provided by vCandidates.com are designed to provide a compassionate transition resource during this unprecedented time of mass layoffs and unemployment, helping employers provide those leaving with the most competitive advantage to find their next career opportunity. The three-month premium subscription can be included in severance packages starting at the introductory $125 price per subscription in one of three ways: For every 20 subscriptions purchased, five additional subscriptions will be provided for free. For every 50 subscriptions purchased, 15 additional subscriptions will be provided for free. For every 100 subscriptions purchased, 35 additional subscriptions will be provided for free.

Included with each vCandidates.com subscription is a preparation boot camp program, helping employees discover soft and hard skills through a comprehensive learning module and mentoring from vCounselors. With vCandidates.com, job seekers will be able to present the best version of themselves, building connections between skills that they never knew existed. Job seekers get prepared and then will be connected with vetted recruiters actively searching for pre-screened candidates to help fill open positions.

While no employer would downsize its workforce if they could avoid it, the current state of the economy created by the pandemic is forcing the hand of many organizations to take drastic measures to stay afloat. Offering a vCandidates.com subscription to loyal employees as part of a severance package shows that a company’s culture extends past employment, giving those leaving a positive outlook regarding your organization.