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Valley Forge Fabrics Acquires Contract Décor International

Diana Dobin, Mike Handler, Michael Dobin

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA.—Valley Forge Fabrics announced the acquisition of the premier window treatment manufacturer, Contract Decor International (CDI), as part of a strategic move to support their continued growth in the hospitality industry. The acquisition will expand Valley Forge Fabrics’ offerings to include vertical window fabrication solutions from decorative textile to install.

“Becoming a more vertical supplier and creating value for our industry is a critical piece of our company strategy,” said Diana Dobin, CEO of Valley Forge Fabrics. “Manufacturing and installing hospitality window products and services is a natural evolution and the Valley Forge Fabrics family fits together perfectly with the CDI family.”

CDI complements Valley Forge Fabrics’ strategic goals, core values and culture. With the acquisition of CDI Valley Forge Fabrics will be able to leverage their position in the hospitality industry with greater merchandise innovation, new product offerings and design leadership. Going forward CDI will be known as CDI a Valley Forge Company.

CDI Team Led by Mike Handler

Based in Massachusetts, the CDI team will remain in place under the leadership of industry veteran Mike Handler, who is retaining partial ownership of the new company.

“Our clients have voiced two major pain points in regard to the window, and CDI a Valley Forge Company will provide new solutions to the marketplace,” said Michael Dobin, CEO of Valley Forge. “First, we will be able to move from PO receipt of the textile, to installation of the finished product, at a faster pace than the market has experienced in the past. Second, we will offer one accountable party in charge of the whole process. This will cut down on excess communication and make for a better customer experience.”

“It is unique to find two companies that share such similar roots and core values,” Handler said. “Two successful second generation family businesses with common goals of providing our clients with the best experience possible. This opportunity will allow us to be better in every way. To be more proactive and to respond to our clients’ needs in a faster, more complete manner. It will truly allow us to become the absolute best that we can be. I am excited to partner with the Dobin family and their entire team, and even more excited for what the future holds.”