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Userful Corp. Introduces Energy-Saving EcoPod Internet Stations


CALGARY, AB.—More than 75 percent of travellers do not carry laptops, so in an age when Internet access in hotels is expected as much as towels and soap, hotels need to offer computer access to their guests. Userful Corp., a leader in public computing, has a solution for hotels wanting to offer public internet access—EcoPod. Its pay-per-use EcoPod Internet stations are a turnkey, environmentally responsible and headache-free solution for hotels, restaurants and other venues that see large numbers of visitors or tourists.

“DiscoverStation is a great way to make money,” says Jude Joseph, president and CEO of Calgary-based Netsys Computers Inc. “It has been a fantastically successful product for us and now accounts for more than 85 percent of our revenue.”

“It reduced our time spent administering the public computers by 95 percent,” adds Dr. Rebecca Brown, coordinator of public services, City of Takoma Park, Md.

Versatile Revenue Generator

There’s no IT expertise needed, no worries about viruses or updates, and it offers industry leading revenue margins. A single kiosk in use just 90 minutes a day can make $2,500 a year. In addition, Userful’s unique multi-user system makes it easy for up to 10 users to all work from a single PC by simply attaching extra monitors, mice and keyboards. Multiply the kiosks and multiply the profits: a pod of 10 kiosks running off a single PC in use just 90 minutes a day could make $25,000 per year.

You simply install DiscoverStation, set pricing and policies through the Internet-based customization panel, sell prepaid cards and you’re ready to go. The more than 40 software applications are included for free.

“Millions of venues have heavy visitor and tourist traffic, yet few of them have the IT expertise and capital outlay required to set up and run an Internet kiosk,” says Tim Griffin, president of Useful Corp. “Userful is now giving away the software and support required to set up and run an Internet kiosk in a location in exchange for a percentage of the revenue.”

For more information, visit http://kiosks.userful.com.