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USA Technologies Advisor Speaks Before U.S. Department of Energy


MALVERN, PA.—Bob McGarrah, senior energy management advisor to USA Technologies, spoke in front of a public forum sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy last week. He suggested that simple changes to improving vending machine efficiency, with VendingMiser technology, would have a cumulative impact on the nation’s economy.

USA Technologies is also taking their message to the U.S. Senate Energy Committee. In a letter to Senators, McGarrah suggested that lawmakers provide incentives to encourage owners to upgrade their existing machines with energy-saving technology that can reduce energy consumption by up to 50 percent.

“Owners rebuild and refurbish their machines several times during the life of the machine and during the rebuilding process could install the latest energy-saving technology,” McGarrah says. “This would reduce energy consumption across the entire install base of eight million machines, as significantly more machines are rebuilt annually than are purchased new. Upgrading machines with energy-saving technology would keep older machines out of landfills, provide jobs and result in significant and immediate energy savings and costs.”

McGarrah estimated that using the energy-saving technology would result in a 30 percent reduction in energy consumption in the installed base of eight million machines. This could save $720 million a year and cut consumption by nearly eight trillion kilowatt hours of electricity, equal to powering 780,000 homes or removing 444,000 cars from the road. It would also reduce Co2 emissions by 12 trillion pounds a year and cut the need for 3.6 million tons of coal.

McGarrah suggested that lawmakers offer energy tax credits and remove the tax on energy-efficient devices that are installed in vending machines and coolers.

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