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Unilock Introduces EcoTerra Technology for Pavers


TORONTO—A new, greener era in hardscaping is here thanks to award-winning EcoTerra technology by Unilock, North America’s premier manufacturer of concrete interlocking paving stones and segmental retaining walls for patios, plazas, walkways and more. EcoTerra technology replaces traditional Portland Cement with a carbon-neutral alkali-activated mineral binder which results in a 100 percent cement-free face-mix. This results in a highly durable, remarkably colorfast product that will reduce carbon up to 15 percent.

The first-of-its-kind in the North American hardscape market, EcoTerra’s leading-edge technology will allow designers and contractors to create beautiful outdoor spaces—sustainably:

Zero Cement: With no cement in the face-mix, there is no chemical reaction that creates efflorescence. This means EcoTerra pavers deliver more vibrant color that lasts longer.

EnduraColor Technology: EcoTerra pavers are manufactured with EnduraColor, a two-step manufacturing process that ensures a more refined surface and brighter color.

Enhanced Durability: EcoTerra pavers offer higher compressive strength to last longer.

Stays Cleaner: EcoTerra pavers have a water repellant quality, which helps keep the surface cleaner. Additionally, dirt and stains won’t penetrate the surface, further contributing to the clean look and low maintenance.

“We’re excited to bring EcoTerra to the hardscape market as a part of our efforts to pave a greener way,” said Elaine Willis, Unilock Director of Sustainability. “The world is focused on cutting carbon emissions, and this unique solution is just the first step in the evolution of concrete paver production.”

A Living, Breathing System

According to Willis, planning projects holistically—with a full system approach including trees, plants, concrete, permeable paving systems and soil—makes it possible to create a living, breathing system that can contribute to a climate neutral or negative project, regardless of the embodied carbon value of the products within the system. When key elements in the system sequester carbon (take carbon out of our atmosphere), one can build a nature-focused space that not only contributes to health and well-being, but also helps to regenerate communities. The carbon reduction qualities of EcoTerra can be a piece of this puzzle, as well as high SRI values (Solar Reflection Index) which can reduce heat-island effect (a condition in which urban areas are significantly warmer than surrounding rural areas).

“Cement, a key ingredient in concrete, contributes 7 to 8 percent of the world’s carbon emissions,” said Willis. “While the entire cement industry is working toward large-scale, long-term solutions that reduce carbon emissions throughout their value chain, we each need to do what we can, today. That’s why it’s so important for us to bring EcoTerra to market.”

“Consumers are looking for greener ways to live and build, so sustainability continues to be at the forefront of innovation and design. However, no one wants to sacrifice beauty,” continued Willis. “With EcoTerra, there’s no trade-off. It’s a simple and beautiful way for consumers, designers, and contractors to make an impact.”

EcoTerra pavers are available in a 4 x 12” (7cm) plank shape, smooth surface with a shot-blast finish in a choice of two sophisticated colors: Light Steel Grey and Light Opal Blend. To learn more, visit the Unilock website or reach out to your Unilock representative.