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U.K. Agents Fielding More Questions Pertaining to Environmental Impact


MADRID, SPAIN—Around a quarter of both business (25.6 percent) and leisure (26.5 percent) travel agents are fielding an increased number of questions from their clients relating to the environmental impact their travel plans are likely to have. This is according to the latest Amadeus snap poll in which more than 115 U.K. leisure and business travel agents were surveyed about the number of customers taking an interest in the environment when booking travel.

Amadeus also asked agents what their own agencies are doing to address environmental concerns. A total of 52.5 percent said they are offering customers and staff recycling programs within their premises. A little more than 37 percent (37.5) said they are publicly supporting charities that care for the environment. The same percentage said they are promoting travel providers and suppliers with clear environmentally friendly policies. Twelve and a half percent said they are providing clients with the ability to offset their carbon footprint.

“With the ever growing number of column inches dedicated to climate change, it’s not surprising agents are noticing an increase in the number of environmentally conscious customers,” says Elaine Seeto, marketing director of Amadeus U.K. and Ireland. “As the green debate heats up, it’s likely that agents will be asked to demonstrate clear action on green issues.”

“Going forward, Amadeus believes technology will play an increasing role in developing environmentally friendly solutions,” Seeto adds. “This includes current initiatives such as e-ticketing, where Amadeus is world leader with 153 airlines participating; to locally promoting instructor-led home and office learning via Web conferencing for travel agents.”

“Another significant IT development is Amadeus Altéa Departure Control, which provides our airline customers with full audit trail for all flight and customer-related activities including weight and balance calculation to help them optimize their fuel usage and manage their carbon dioxide emissions,” Seeto says. “In these and many other ways, Amadeus is helping travel providers and sellers neutralize the impact of travel on the natural environment.”

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