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Two Enviro-Solutions Hand Soaps Certified by EcoLogo Program


CHICAGO—Enviro-Solutions announced that two of its hand soaps—ES 50 Deodorant Lotion Soap and ES 59 Soy and Walnut Shell Hand Cleaner—have just been certified by the EcoLogo Program.

The certification, CCD 104 Criteria for Institutional and Industrial Hand Soaps, verifies that these hand soaps:

• Perform as well as or better than conventional hand cleaners;
• Have limited toxicity, helping protect waterways, aquatic life, and other organisms;
• Are biodegradable, producing minimal waste;
• Contain no ingredients or have a reduction of ingredients considered likely to negatively affect health and the environment; and
• Are derived from sustainable sources.

Enviro-Solutions, based in Peterborough, Canada, has been manufacturing green cleaning products and similar environmentally preferable products for more than 12 years. Most have already been awarded the EcoLogo label and/or are GreenSeal certified.

EcoLogo certifies products in more than 300 different categories—from hand cleaners and cleaning supplies to building and paper products. Through its marketing division, TerraChoice, the company also helps manufacturers market their green offerings.

About Hand Soaps

Hand cleaners, according to EcoLogo, are defined as those products designed to remove organic and inorganic soil from skin. They usually fall into two specific categories:

• Industrial hand soaps, such as ES 59 Soy and Walnut Shell Hand Cleaner, which are commonly used in factories or warehouses; and
• Institutional hand cleaners, like ES 50 Deodorant Lotion Soap, which are most often found in public washrooms, restaurants, educational facilities, and office buildings.

“We know that conventional hand soaps and similar cleaners can have a negative impact on indoor air quality and often contain ingredients that irritate the skin and eyes,” says Mike Sawchuk, vice president and general manager of Enviro-Solutions. “The active ingredients in these products are usually washed down drains where they have the potential to harm waterways and fragile aquatic ecosystems. Green-certified hand soaps have a much reduced impact on people and our environment.”

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