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UBTECH Robotics Showcases New UV-C Robots


LAS VEGAS—UBTECH Robotics, a global leader in intelligent humanoid robotics and AI technologies, recently introduced the newest additions to its portfolio of humanoid robots at CES 2021: ADIBOT: UV-C Disinfecting Robots; and AMR: Intelligent Logistics Robotic System.

  • ADIBOT UV-C Disinfecting Robots—The ADIBOT robotic disinfection system provides a superior, effective, hospital-grade solution against COVID-19 to help businesses and schools safely reopen in the midst of the pandemic. It combines the robotics and AI expertise from UBTECH with UV-C technology that disinfects targeted surfaces and air by deactivating the DNA and RNA of harmful pathogens. Available in stationary and autonomous models, ADIBOTS feature 360° UV-C light coverage with powerful disinfection capabilities to effectively disinfect 99.9 percent of targeted areas. To see ADIBOTS in action, watch this video.
  • AMR: Intelligent Logistics Robotic System—AMR ushers in a new era of autonomation to improve operational efficiency. With a unique modular system, businesses can scale their needs from the entry-level model up to and utilizing extension modules that expand functionality to meet their business needs. The AMR system can adapt to numerous environments and integrate with various applications to help further automate operational needs. The AMR Intelligent Logistics system will be available later this year.

UBTECH’s unveiling of these new robots at CES 2021 continues a tradition of high-profile showcases at the annual event and solidifies the company’s legacy as an innovator in robotics and artificial intelligence. Past offerings include the humanoid service robot, Walker; autonomous indoor monitoring robot, AIMBOT; enterprise service robot, Cruzr; and award-winning JIMU Robot kits for kids.

“UBTECH’s mission is, and continues to be, to make everyday life easier for people now and into the future. As a result, we’re addressing today’s challenges with tomorrow’s technology,” said John Rhee, Senior Vice President and General Manager, UBTECH North America. “This year’s CES offerings not only look to the future of robotics with our AMR and JIMU GO offerings, but also focus on immediate and critical needs. Our ADIBOT UV-C Robots stand to accelerate the safe reopening of schools and businesses shut down by COVID-19, while helping better prepare for potential future outbreaks—from pandemic level down to more localized, harmful viruses.”

ADIBOTS: Strategic Preparation for Current and Future Pandemics

A World Health Organization senior official recently warned that when it comes to pandemics, COVID 19 is “not necessarily the big one” and that we need to be prepared to deal with “something that may even be more severe in the future.” ADIBOT UV-C Robots offer a long-term strategic solution to help protect people from these pathogens and viruses. The ADIBOT Robotic solution adds an additional layer of disinfection to populated areas like gyms or classrooms that may not have strong ventilation access and can assist medical and dental facilities to avoid harsh chemicals or human error.

Additionally, because UBTECH had the robotic and AI foundations already in place, it is able to offer one of the most cost-effective, high-powered UV-C solutions on the market. This ultimately makes ADIBOT UV-C Robots accessible to organizations where this type of machine is typically not a feasible expense. UBTECH is currently working with the State of Delaware’s Department of Education to pilot ADIBOT across multiple sites to measure cost efficiency, disinfection rates and maintenance improvements within their establishments.

ADIBOT UV-C Robots are available for purchase at www.ubtrobot.com.