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Two ‘Green’ Sessions Among the Many at This Fall’s HX: The Hotel Experience


For the second year running, HX: The Hotel Experience will be held in November (13 to 15 this year) at the Javits Center in New York City. Also for the second year running, I will be moderating sessions on the show floor. Be sure to make your plans now so that you can attend my two green sessions as well as the many other educational sessions. The first topic I chose for this year’s HX: “Greenwashing or Nothing But the Truth—The Untold Story of the Greening of Amenities.” I have followed the greening of amenities for many years now and have found the topic to be intriguing and more complex than you can imagine. I have put together a panel of experts who will be on hand to answer my questions and those from the audience. My panel this year: Ian Wallace, President of Dispenser Amenities; Guido Bonadonna, CEO, GFL SA; and Ray Burger, President, Pineapple Hospitality.

Here is the description of the session I am putting together: “In the highly competitive race to win the green hearts of hoteliers and guests alike, amenities companies have removed harmful chemicals, introduced natural ingredients, inserted additives into plastic, and adjusted other packaging content. Some companies now offer “zero waste” or “carbon neutral” options. How do vendors define “zero waste” or “carbon neutral”? What does it mean that a product is paraben free or phthalate free? Why is that important? Does a plastic bottle with an additive really biodegrade faster? What about dispensers? Should you “ditch” amenity bottles altogether? What is their environmental/operational upside? Is it all just greenwashing? Suppliers will join in what is guaranteed to be a revealing discussion about the current state of “sustainable” amenities and dispensers.”

It was not easy putting together my panel. I had several amenity companies turn down the opportunity and a number of others who chose not to return my phone calls.

The second topic I chose for this year’s HX: “Behind the Numbers—What Two Leading 2016 Surveys Say About Sustainability Trends.” Here is the description of the session: “Call 2016 the year of the surveys. In this session the highlights of two leading industry surveys will be revealed. First, results of the 2016 Lodging Survey will be shared by Lindsay Culbreath, Senior Director, Business Development & Marketing for STR. Conducted every two years, the 2016 Lodging Survey is a production of STR, the American Hotel & Lodging Assn. and the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Foundation. The 2016 Lodging Survey touches on topics ranging from energy management sensors to recycling programs to electric vehicle charging stations. Second, Eric Ricaurte, Founder & CEO, Greenview, will share highlights of the first annual Green Lodging Survey, a production of Greenview and Green Lodging News. Learn the results of “green” questions never before posed to hoteliers. Both surveys were built to not only identify trends but also innovative best practices. Also on the panel: Rick Werber, Senior Vice President, Engineering and Sustainability, Design and Construction Department, Host Hotels & Resorts.”

At no other time in the history of our industry will so much data be available on sustainability trends and practices. Be sure to attend this second session.

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