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Pink Shell Beach Resort & Marina Earns Turtle Safe Certification


The Turtle Conservancy is dedicated to protecting threatened turtles and tortoises and their habitats worldwide, and to promoting their appreciation by people everywhere.

Pink Shell Beach Resort & Marina in Fort Myers Beach, Fla. just announced its achievement of the Turtle Conservancy’s Turtle Safe Certification, highlighting its commitment to protecting local sea turtle populations. This prestigious certification recognizes the resort’s comprehensive efforts to implement turtle-friendly lighting throughout its property, ensuring a safe nesting environment for these endangered creatures.

In collaboration with the Turtle Conservancy, Pink Shell Beach Resort & Marina received a grant to assist in the transition to turtle-friendly lighting. The resort has gone above and beyond, investing significantly more than the grant amount to ensure all exterior lights, including those on buildings, pool decks, guestroom balconies, and streetlights, comply with turtle safety standards.

General Manager Bill Waichulis emphasizes the importance of this initiative: “Being a good citizen embodies our Socially Responsible core value, where we strive to protect our local environment, including the endangered species in our backyard.” Additionally, all windows have been tinted at 15 percent to shield bright guestroom lights from the beach, further safeguarding nesting areas.

Furthermore, Pink Shell Beach Resort & Marina is currently a candidate for the Coastal Connections Certification. Having completed one of the three required walkthroughs, the resort anticipates full certification by the end of the year. This additional certification underscores the resort’s ongoing efforts to enhance its environmental stewardship and promote sustainable tourism.

For more information about the Turtle Conservancy and their conservation efforts, visit conserveturtles.org. To learn more about Coastal Connections and their certification process, visit coastal-connections.org.