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Two Florida Hotels Credit SensorStat Thermostat for Cutting Costs in Hot, Humid Conditions


LAS VEGAS—With SensorStat, a direct digital control thermostat distributed by EnerBrite Technologies Group, Inc., two major Florida hotels have found a way to save on both energy costs and maintenance costs associated with mold and mildew. The Radisson Hotel Palm Beach Airport and the Clarion Jacksonville Airport Hotel & Conference Center both credit SensorStat for helping them meet the challenge.

“Unbelievably, we have already reached (a return of investment) just 12 months after installation,” said Clarion Jacksonville Airport general manager Norman LeBert, who had SensorStat installed in June 2006. “Also, energy costs in our area were actually increasing at a rate of 20 to 30 percent during the period that we experienced the 20 percent decrease. When you factor that in, the real savings are even more incredible.”

Radisson Hotel Palm Beach Airport general manager Ernie Costa also reports that SensorStat has helped him keep heating, cooling and power expenses for his hotel at the lowest level possible.

“I have found that the (SensorStat) energy management system is an excellent way to accomplish that, without compromising the guest experience at all,” Costa said.

Manufactured by Onity, a United Technologies Corp. company, SensorStat regulates a room’s HVAC system by cutting back on energy use while a room is unoccupied. At the same time, the optional RH (Relative Humidity) sensors continually monitor room conditions to maintain the optimal environment for the prevention of mold and mildew. Occupant comfort is maximized, while mold and mildew damage to equipment and fixtures is minimized.

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