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Toshiba Introduces New Candelabra LED Lamp


HOUSTON—Toshiba’s new candelabra 180 series is a direct replacement for a 25W incandescent candelabra and is designed to fit standard E12 and E26 socket fixtures. The lamp uses up to 84 percent less energy than incandescent candelabras.

“This new lamp creates inviting, warm light that brings out the colors and elegance of any room,” said Peter DallePezze, vice president of marketing and product development, Toshiba International Corp. LED Lighting Systems Division. “This is exactly what designers, architects and homeowners have been looking for in energy-efficient lighting. Not only are LEDs known for their energy-saving performance, they’re also known for their incredible longevity. That longevity means a lot to anyone who has to climb a tall ladder to replace burned-out candelabra bulbs.”

Toshiba’s candelabra 180 is dimmable, contains no mercury or lead and is rated to last 25,000 hours—up to 16 times longer than its incandescent equivalent.

The lamp comes in a 2700K color temperature and is available in a B11 bulb type with the option of either a frosted or clear finish. The frosted glass lamp offers 185 lumen output while the clear glass lamp offers 175 lumen output. To also fit standard E26 socket fixtures, each lamp comes with a removable adaptor to allow easy transition from application to application.

“In addition to our A19s and a full array of PARs and MRs, Toshiba has added this candelabra and BR30 lamps to its lamp offering,” DallePezze said. “This speaks to the advancements that we are making in LED lighting technology, as we continue to broaden the LED lighting options available for use in commercial, industrial and residential environments.”

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