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Toronto Convention Centre Installs Eco-Friendly Carpet System


TORONTO—The Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) announced the installation of an innovative new carpet system technology that will help to reduce its environmental footprint. It is North America’s first large installation of a system that features firm plastic floor plates with hooks that lock in place, and uses a mechanical hook-and-loop bond that attaches the carpet.
With frequent loading and unloading of show equipment, the occasional spill and high visitor traffic, there are certain areas where carpet needs to be replaced. “This initiative is one of many in our green strategy that emphasizes continuous improvement,” said Vince Quattrociocchi, vice president of operations for MTCC. “Our mantra is to find ways to reduce energy and water consumption, divert waste and choose more environmentally friendly options. For our carpet replacement, we set out to make the best choice based on criteria including local procurement, minimizing toxic substances, durability, cost and disposal. Our pilot project proved this carpet system was the winner on every front.”
“One of the benefits of modular floors is the speed of installation,” said Wendy Berney, senior vice president sales and marketing of TacFast Systems International. “Gone are the days of waiting for concrete floors to be leveled and toxic glues to dry. The flooring system can accommodate a variety of surfaces including wood, vinyl, ceramic, rolled and tile carpet. Flexibility and ease of maintenance are important considerations for busy venues like the MTCC.”

“The 12,000 square yards of loop-backed carpet attached to the hook plates on the floor are made from Antron, the highest performing fiber in the industry,” said Marcel Poirier, vice president commercial business, Beaulieu Canada, “and they are 70 percent lighter which significantly reduces the amount of material and transport. The structural strength of the mechanical adhesion will keep the carpet in place for many years to come. And in disposal, the repurposing of the current carpet ensures it will be used on another floor rather than going to landfill.”

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