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Tornado Industries Releases Green Commitment Statement


CHICAGO—At the recent ISSA/Interclean trade show in Chicago, Tornado Industries released its Commitment to Environmental Sustainability, establishing the company’s goals when it comes to cleaning, health, and protecting the environment. Tornado, which recently became a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, is an 80-year-old manufacturer of professional carpet and floor care equipment based in Chicago.

According to its statement, the company has manufactured and will continue to manufacture products that, “enhance [protect] indoor air quality (IAQ), use less water and chemical, create less noise, and contribute to source reduction.”

Mike Schaffer, president of Tornado Industries, says the Commitment to Environmental Sustainability is more than just a pledge to produce environmentally preferable cleaning products.

“This statement reflects our core values as a company,” he says. “We are committed to ensuring that our children and our children’s children inherit a sustainable, healthy planet.”

The sustainability statement identifies four major areas where Tornado plans to enhance existing products or produce new ones that are more environmentally protective. These include:

• Water Conservation: The company will further the development of extractors that reduce water usage and have enhanced vacuum systems. In addition, they will introduce more floor machines that incorporate cylindrical brush technology, which uses approximately 30 percent less water than a comparable rotary machine.

• Less Chemical Usage: Along with less water, the company’s products are being designed to require less chemical. According to Kennedy, whenever the cleaning professional can use less chemical—whether green or conventional—and still perform cleaning tasks satisfactorily, it helps protect the environment.

• IAQ Enhancements: All current vacuum cleaners have been awarded the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label, which identifies vacuum cleaners that are more environmentally preferable. The statement indicates that all future vacuum cleaners will also be designed to earn Green Label certification.

• Reusability and Recyclability: Virtually all Tornado products now and in the future will be manufactured with recyclable casings and components. Also, one set of the company’s cylindrical brushes lasts as long as 100 rotary pads, minimizing waste considerably.

“Fortunately, Tornado has already been producing many products identified or certified as environmentally preferable, so we do not need to redesign much of our equipment [to meet our commitment],” Schaffer says. “However, with this statement, we are verifying that all future products will be environmentally sensitive, which not only helps protect the environment but raises the respect for our entire industry as well.”

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