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Tolley Brothers Announces New Antimicrobial Product Line


LOCKHART, TEXAS—Tolley Brothers, an antimicrobial copper research firm, has launched a full range of germ-mitigation products designed to protect electronics devices and office workspaces from harmful microbes.

This new product line consists of peel-and-stick EPA-registered antimicrobial copper designed to be applied to any surface, eliminating the need for complete resurfacing. The antimicrobial properties of this technology provide immediate and continuous germ protection for cell phones, work spaces, and other surfaces as long as the product remains in place.

Additionally, the company has developed a timer-based UV-C light that’s designed to douse your workspace overnight, effectively killing germs while the user sleeps.

Effectiveness Seen in Hospitals

“We’ve been in the germ mitigation business since 2014, and have seen the antimicrobial power of copper at work in hospitals and in other uses. We’re excited about our product line because it makes the germ-mitigating power of copper available to the general public,” said Alan Tolley, CEO.

The materials used in “Natural Germ Fighters” products are registered with the EPA as a sanitizer that kills 99.9 percent of microbes in a 2 hour span, while being safe for children and pets. Their antimicrobial effects also come with a lifetime warranty.

“By offering a full range of copper germ mitigation products from cell phone accessories to workspace protection and even elevator buttons, we’re reducing germ loads in an increasingly exposed world. With everything that’s going on in the world right now, we think making this technology accessible to all is something to be excited about,” said Tolley.

Tolley Brothers “Natural Germ Fighters” products can be purchased online at their website. To view their product line, visit https://www.naturalgermfighters.com/shop/.