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Three Hospitality Companies Choose Rhino Paper Straws


BOCA RATON, FLA.—FarFromBoring Hospitality continues to make headlines, eliminating the need for plastic straws by recently signing on to provide clientele at three nationally recognized establishments with a high-quality, paper straw alternative. With Rhino Paper Straws that are unique in color and design, the Boca Raton company is meeting the demand for local product availability while making a global difference.

Three hospitality companies will now use Rhino Paper Straws to help reduce the more than 500 million plastic straws that Americans use every day, which pollute our oceans and are ingested by sea birds, turtles and other marine life. The premier luxury restaurant-and-theater brand, iPic Entertainment is a pioneer of the dine-in theater concept, and provides visionary entertainment escapes, and high-quality, chef-driven culinary and farm-to-glass mixology in architecturally unique destinations that include premium movie theaters and bar/restaurants. The Boca Raton Resort & Club, A Waldorf Astoria Resort, redefines luxury and fun in a Mediterranean-inspired historic village located steps away from the South Florida coast. Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas offers one-of-a-kind accommodations including hotel rooms and luxury suites equipped with customized amenities.

“We’re thrilled to meet the needs of these three exceptional hospitality companies who chose our product after trying lower quality straws at a similar price point because those inferior paper straws had left their guests unhappy and full of complaints,” says Robert Stillman, CEO of Far From Boring Promotions, the parent company of FarFromBoring Hospitality. Stillman says before his local company brought Rhino Paper Straws to market in November 2018, there was very limited product availability. He says what little inventory was available felt like cardboard in the mouth and dissolved too quickly in drinks.

More national companies are likely to follow these three since plastic straw bans are already in nine California cities including Alameda, Berkeley, Carmel, Davis, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, Oakland and San Luis Obispo. Other west coast cities such as Seattle and Edmonds, Wash. and Vancouver, Canada and east coast cities such as Monmouth Beach, N.J., New York City and Washington D.C. are plastic-straw free.

At least 12 Florida cities have implemented the plastic-straw ban for environmental reasons, and FarFromBoring Hospitality has just been chosen as a preferred vendor for Plastic Free Miami Beach. The movement uses the social media hashtag #PlasticFreeMB to raise awareness and showcase businesses that have acted to reduce plastics from their establishments and to help organizations learn and implement best practices in the area of environmental stewardship.