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The Many Advantages to Maintaining Solar Panels

Hunter Adams

If you own a building, be it a hotel or the site of another business, chances are you’ve toyed with the idea of reducing your energy costs by installing solar panels. Maybe you’ve already taken this step.

This strategy makes a lot of sense, as solar energy is more cost-effective than the conventional power grid, allowing you to start saving money from the very first gas bill after installation. Since solar systems pay for themselves after only a few years, yet have very long lives, they keep money in your pocket for each additional year.

Solar energy also has the advantage of being good for the planet, which is important since most of today’s customers care about environmental issues. Indeed, the number of consumers who prefer green energy is increasing, and 45 percent of them are even willing to pay more for renewable energy.

A solar array effectively works as a billboard for your brand’s values and corporate social responsibility. In my experience, however, many people don’t realize that solar systems need to be maintained regularly.

Why Regular Maintenance is Important

If you think about it, you’re already accustomed to regular maintenance for the exterior of your building. Windows and satellite dishes need to be cleaned, the siding must be hosed off, gutters need to be emptied, and roof tiles must be repaired or replaced.

Solar panels are no different. Grime of various sorts—from dust, dirt, and twigs to fallen leaves, bug carcasses, and bird guano—will inevitably land on and around your panels, and even get wedged underneath them. Sometimes, small animals will even try to nest in them.

This debris blocks the panels from the sun, making them less efficient. As a result, they produce less power.

Regular solar maintenance cleans the panels and clears away this material so that the system works as intended. Moreover, the longer these problems persist, the more dirt and debris accumulate, and the less energy you will derive from them. If enough blight swamps your panels, you may even need to turn back to the conventional grid for sufficient power for your building.

What’s more, when solar panels are compromised in this way, it reduces their environmental benefits. Well-maintained arrays optimize their green energy production, which reduces the consumption of fossil fuels and lowers carbon emissions. For this reason, maintaining solar panels routinely is an important way to combat climate change.

Another important reason to maintain panels properly is that doing so actually helps mitigate and prevent future damage. Inclement and heavy weather can loosen connections, cause hairline fractures, and knock the panels out of position. By having regular inspections, these issues can be spotted and solved before they escalate into more significant—and costly—problems.

How to Maintain Solar Panels

First and foremost, maintenance procedures typically involve cleaning the panels. Any detritus is physically removed before the surface of the panels itself is treated. Soap shouldn’t be used, since it leaves a residue that interferes with the panels’ functionality. Consequently, special brushes and water are required to clean the surface effectively without soap.

Next, your maintenance professional will check all the electrical connections in your solar array. In some cases, they may need to disconnect the solar panels from the battery and regulator to run tests, and then reconnect them.

Monitoring system performance and inspecting inverters is the next step. If any errors are detected, maintenance professionals will troubleshoot immediately, ensuring the problem is solved as quickly as possible.

While hoteliers can do some of these tasks themselves, sometimes these efforts lead to further or worse problems. That’s why it’s advisable to hire professionals for comprehensive annual inspections and maintenance.

Regular Upkeep Maximizes Your Solar System

Solar maintenance is vital for maximizing energy production, preventing damage, and supporting environmental sustainability. By investing in regular upkeep, you can get the most out of your system.

Going green with solar is more than worth the return on investment, and well-maintained panels improve the bottom line. If you already have solar panels, set up a maintenance plan for them today. If you don’t, then include a maintenance plan from the beginning.

Don’t let dirt drain your power away. Keep your system absorbing sunshine to the max with regular maintenance.

About the Author

Hunter Adams is the Founder and CEO of Detach Reset Solar. With a four-year journey in maintenance, Hunter’s expertise is evident through the successful completion of over 1,200 projects and active involvement in more than 2,000 solar initiatives. His unwavering dedication has earned the trust of 700 companies nationwide, showcasing his reliability. As a maintenance leader, Hunter’s commitment to excellence, meticulous attention to detail, and relentless pursuit of innovation have cemented his reputation as an industry pioneer.