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The Leading Hotels of the World Announces Sustainability Leaders Collection

Le Mount Stephen, Montreal

NEW YORK—The Leading Hotels of the World (LHW), with more than 400 independent luxury hotels in over 80 countries, unveiled their Sustainability Leaders collection. From modern metropolitan towers to tented jungle sanctuaries, the collection was created to recognize Leading Hotels that are committed to preserving the environment and the cherished values and cultural heritage of their destinations.

“We are excited to introduce our Sustainability Leaders Collection to celebrate our member hotels who have gone above and beyond to protect their piece of the planet,” said Lauren Alba, Vice President Global Marketing and Communications, The Leading Hotels of the World. “The pioneering collection provides curious travelers the opportunity to positively impact the world through their stays and is propelling our industry into a better future.”

With deep-rooted connections to their communities and surrounding environments, more than 50 Leading Hotels are currently recognized as a Sustainability Leader. The designation signifies that the hotel has achieved a sustainable certification aligned to the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) Industry Criteria. LHW is a member of the GSTC, the premier global authority in setting and managing standards for sustainable tourism worldwide since 2010.

Hotels Can Choose from Numerous Programs

A Leading Hotel with the Sustainability Leaders recognition has been rigorously evaluated and received at least one, or more, GSTC accredited certification or certification to a GSTC-Recognized Standard. LHW has partnered with Vireo Srl (GSTC-Accredited Certification Body) as well as Green Globe, Green Key Global, and Travelife (all use a GSTC-recognized standard) to offer its hotels resources and tools to advance their sustainability strategies.

All Sustainability Leaders actively maintain a sustainability management plan and demonstrate their commitment through actions and impact against three pillars:

  • Environment: Sustainability Leaders are committed to mindful and responsible consumption of resources, investment in renewable energy and preserving natural habitats. They actively minimize use of resources while finding ways to recycle and reuse waste, water, and materials. They leverage their geographical locations to use renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and geothermal. From propagating native plant species and establishing wildlife corridors, Sustainability Leaders are protectors of their surroundings’ landscapes and progressive stewards of biodiversity.
  • Community: Sustainability Leaders nurture relationships, empower economic growth and enrich communities through health and education programs. They ensure equal employment opportunities for residents at all levels of hierarchy and champion personal growth among their teams. They buy from local farmers and artisans and encourage guests to do the same. Sustainability Leaders have launched impactful social programs focused on education, health, and climate change to enrich local lives.
  • Culture: Sustainability Leaders protect and celebrate the local history and tradition of their destination through education and philanthropy. They provide educational and authentic experiences for guests to immerse themselves in local culinary, art and spiritual traditions. They honor the history of their destination and are committed to protecting buildings and sites of cultural, archaeological, and spiritual significance.

Explore all of LHW’s Sustainability Leaders and look for the badge denoting the celebrated Sustainability Leaders throughout LHW.com.