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The Environmental Choice Program Launches New Web Site


OTTAWA, ONTARIO—The Environmental Choice Program (ECP) has launched a new Web site. Located at www.ecologo.org, the site is bilingual to accommodate both English- and French-speaking visitors.

Founded in 1988, ECP is an independent, third-party organization that certifies green products and services, including those used by the cleaning and building industries. The organization also provides market incentives for North American manufacturers and suppliers, encouraging them to develop environmentally preferable products and services. By placing ECP’s EcoLogo on their products, consumers can identify products and services that are safer to use that negatively impact the environment less.

Take a Tour

From the home page, site visitors can click on the “Products & Criteria” section, which lists more than 300 product categories evaluated by ECP—including cleaning and building products—as well as the manufacturers and their products that have been ECP certified. There is also a “Buy Green” section, a resource tool that helps promote the purchase of green products.

“At ECP, we believe buying Green is a powerful way for each of us to make a difference,” says Kevin Gallagher, ECP vice president. “We want to make it easy for the consumer to find products that are safe and that they can trust.”

For additional green buying guidance and assistance, the ECP site also directs visitors to another site, EcoBuyer, which addresses green topics such as:

• Why consumers should select environmentally preferable products.

• The need for consumers to look at the entire manufacturing process of a product to ensure optimal environmental benefits.

• Steps consumers can take to learn more about Green products.

For more information, contact kevin@ecologo.org.