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The Benefits of Green Travel Media to the Travel Industry

Micahel Dehoyos

There are a host of numbers and statistics to support the point that global tourism is contributing heavily to environmental issues, not to mention the anecdotal evidence seen and heard by travelers. A report from the University of Sydney has revealed that global tourism is responsible for up to 8 percent of global carbon emissions, which is far greater than once believed, while 60 percent of global air travel is in order to support the transport of tourists.

With this kind of impact, the travel industry needs to do far more to offset the problems that modern tourism is creating. Fortunately, green travel media can help. Here’s how:

It Educates

Perhaps the greatest benefit green travel media can have on both the travel industry executives and the travelers themselves is through an increase in awareness it creates, as well as the opportunities that are laid bare to those who never considered the availability of such solutions. The truth is that ecotourism can be both sustainable and profitable, but not to the exclusivity of big business, but to those who are directly impacted by the travel experience, meaning the local people. As awareness grows, so does the desire to follow green travel experiences and seek them out oneself, resulting in a growing, profitable and sustainable business model. It is an alternative laid bare.

Supports Sustainable Travel Operators & Tourist Attractions

Another one of the great benefits of the green travel media is that it works in close conjunction with providers of ecotourism solutions, from large companies to small, independent tourist attractions and support services which seek to operate at a sustainable level. With the increase in exposure green travel media platforms can provide to these often-small operations, big things may come. “This is the story of small local startups gaining recognition through the support of green travel media outlets to the benefit of travelers, the businesses themselves, and of course the planet as a whole,” enthuses Shawn Bolton, a travel writer at BritStudent and WriteMyX.

Giving a Voice to Green Travel Bloggers

Unfortunately, in the past, and still today, most travel sites are more concerned with promoting travel solutions that sell, and that remains expensive spa facilities, for example, which contribute very little to the green travel conundrum. For that very reason, travel bloggers have had a very narrow field in which to operate: one which simply supports the financially driven and environmentally-impactful practices of resorts and facilities which really are at heart the very ethos of green travel. The green travel media revolution is providing a platform for articulate bloggers to share their stories of ecotourism trips which provide unrivalled experienced in a way that is sustainable and beneficial to the local communities who are affected. “Green travel media is delivering the means for voices to be heard: voices that were of no interest to the behemoths of global travel who were only concerned with the bottom line. This refreshing new viewpoint is helping to fuel the new pubic passion for green travel experiences,” states Barbara Witsel, a lifestyle blogger at Australia2write and NextCoursework.

It Operates as a Conduit

The green travel media is becoming the conduit by which brands, businesses, individuals, investors and any other number of interested parties can connect over their passion to promote green practices. In such an immensely popular field of activity, and one which has such a huge global impact both financially and environmentally, this is a space in which many interests can be shared and promoted to the benefit of many. The green travel media is quickly becoming the established platform by which those who share a passion for green travel or ecotourism solutions, whatever you want to call them, can come together to make impactful changes to the status quo. It is not about destroying the travel industry, far from it, it is about creating a new dialogue and offering alternative options which can provide travelers with the means to see the world in a way that is both sustainable and promotional in terms of revealing the beauty of experiencing real cultural moments. It is this which can really change our perspective, for the better, in terms of the global narrative.

Web developer and green energy champion Micahel Dehoyos is usually found assisting organizations in their digital marketing approach at PHD Kingdom and Academic Brits. He is also a regular contributor to a number of other blogs and info sites, including the academic service provider Origin writings.