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How to Green Up Your Pools & Water Features While Lowering Costs & Ensuring a Safe Guest Experience

Willan Johnson

The commercial aquatics industry is undergoing a significant transformation driven by technological advancements, high-priority sustainability initiatives and a new focus on holistic approaches to water management.

These shifts are reshaping how hotels, resorts, fitness centers and other commercial facilities manage and maintain their pools and water amenities, with an emphasis on heightened efficiency, environmental friendliness and guest safety.

Sustainability as a Priority

Sustainability has emerged as a paramount concern for hospitality properties, prompting increased interest in water management solutions that help reduce chemical, water and energy usage. While investing in sustainable practices is the right thing to do for environmental preservation, it also reduces costs and aligns with consumer preferences for eco-conscious businesses.

Still, many properties today are spending excessively on energy bills and water usage due to poor operating techniques, large leaks in pool infrastructures and improper water chemistry.

This is where investing in innovative technology comes in with the recent improvements in hardware, sensors and software applications. By leveraging technological tools to better understand a property’s water consumption patterns, owners, managers, and engineers can make more informed decisions to reduce water and energy usage and costs. Additionally, early detection and notification of water leaks allows for prompt repairs and can prevent significant water loss and potential damage to facilities, saving millions of gallons of water and hundreds of thousands of dollars. For example, iconic Las Vegas hotel and resort, The Venetian, saved more than five million gallons of water with improved filtration techniques with VivoAquatics’ platform and supervision.

Automation to Streamline Operations

Hospitality properties are investing more heavily in recreational water amenities to enhance guest experiences, leading to a newfound demand for innovative technology that streamlines operations while meeting sustainability goals. Comprehensive software solutions are becoming indispensable tools, empowering users with real-time data, analytics, and insights to optimize workflows.

Automation helps address ongoing challenges within the hospitality industry, such as staffing shortages and remaining compliant with local, state, and federal regulations. For hotels, resorts and other properties, compliance is critical when it comes to guest safety and reputation management. Pools pose inherent safety risks, with the potential for guests to be exposed to harmful chemicals or acquire an infection from bacteria in the water if not maintained properly. Factors such as unbalanced pH levels, low or high chlorine levels and cloudy water can all cause a failed pool safety inspection and lead to short- or long-term closures.

Automated solutions allow staff to focus on other timely tasks while ensuring adherence to critical quality, safety and sustainability standards that keep pools and hot tubs safe and open for guests.

Holistic Water Management Solutions

Today, more and more properties are viewing pools, hot tubs and other water amenities as business assets, gaining a deeper understanding of the importance of investing in proper maintenance and management to maximize their benefits.

For example, consider a property serving hundreds or even thousands of guests daily. It will require the most modern technology and software to enhance sustainability and cost-effectiveness in its pool and water feature operations. Additionally, it will need automated chemical dosing systems to ensure precise control, immediate leak detection to mitigate water waste and more. Remote monitoring and automating capabilities, coupled with efficient equipment, will maximize cost savings, and minimize disruptions for properties like this.

The actual tools used to chemically sanitize water are changing as well to not only be more sustainable but also provide a better solution. Many properties and portfolios are now dosing pools and water features with enzymes to break down biofilms, allow chlorine to be more impactful and reduce the risks of legionella. Other properties are implementing on-site chlorination systems to reduce plastic use, lower the costs of transportation and decrease overall water needs.

Hotels and resorts would be wise to implement holistic approaches to water management that optimize efficiencies, reduce costs, and enable greener and safer outcomes for all.

Working Together Toward a Better Future

As the hospitality industry evolves, properties that invest in modern aquatics technology are better positioned to meet guest expectations while reducing their environmental footprint. By leveraging the right solutions, properties can create unforgettable guest experiences in a cost-effective and eco-friendly manner.

In this dynamic landscape, continuous education is paramount for hospitality professionals tasked with managing pool operations. Training programs and certifications ensure staff stay abreast of industry best practices, technological advancements, and regulatory requirements.

At VivoAquatics, we offer a course for industry professionals to become Certified Pool Operators (CPOs). We also provide our customers with on-site training and access to expert support via phone, email, and chat anytime. By investing in professional development, hospitality properties can cultivate a skilled workforce capable of implementing efficient and sustainable pool management strategies.

Ultimately, the future of pool and spa operations lies in embracing innovative technology that supports sustainability, safety and cost savings and takes a holistic approach to water management. Together, we can ensure that the hospitality industry not only remains a source of enjoyment for guests but also serves as an example for others of the positive impact of adopting and implementing innovative green technology for a better future.

About the Author

Willan Johnson is CEO, VivoAquatics. Johnson has a strong track record in both start-up and well-established companies including Yahoo! (formerly GoTo.com and Overture), Andersen Business Consulting, Clearstone Venture Partners/Supplyframe and TrueX Media. As the CEO of VivoAquatics, Johnson leads a team of investors and colleagues to provide innovative water management solutions and software for a global set of brands and partners. He is committed to helping clients protect their assets, manage costs, and create a more sustainable infrastructure through the VivoPoint SaaS water management platform and the development of brand standards and best practices.

VivoAquatics provides a smart and connected technology platform for pools, spas and water features. Providing real-time chemical management, monitoring, and work-flow tools, VivoAquatics helps deliver the safest and most appealing water for guests in a more sustainable and cost-effective way. The platform is the center of the aquatics program which also includes expert support, training, certification, and procurement optimization. VivoAquatics partners with the world’s leading hospitality, real estate and fitness brands to help manage their water that is enjoyed by millions of guests each including Hilton Supply, MGM Resorts International, Omni Hotels, Westgate Resorts, In-Shape Fitness, The Irvine Company, G6 Hospitality and many more.