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TerraCycle Offers Recycling Solution for Gloves, Masks


TRENTON, N.J.—Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has proven indispensable in the wake of COVID-19 but this surge has led to littered PPE flooding streets and marine habitats. To address this unintended public health crisis of potentially hazardous litter, TerraCycle Regulated Waste has launched an easy-to-use recycling solution for single-use gloves and masks through their line of EasyPak Containers.

Designed as a recycling system for businesses in need of a turn-key solution for hazardous waste disposal, the PPE EasyPack Containers allow property managers to easily recycle used gloves and masks on-site, thereby allowing staff to responsibly dispose of their protective gear instead of tossing items on the ground.

To recycle PPE waste, TerraCycle Regulated Waste offers the following EasyPak containers:

When full, the boxes are returned to TerraCycle Regulated Waste for processing and the collected waste will be cleaned, melted, and remolded to make new products.

Convenient Way to Ensure Environmental Protection

“In this time of uncertainty, business owners are struggling to preserve their workers’ health and safety, while maintaining their commitment to the environment, but it doesn’t have to be that way,” said Kevin Flynn, Global Vice President of TerraCycle Operations and Director of TerraCycle Regulated Waste. “Through the EasyPak recycling program, TerraCycle Regulated Waste offers a convenient way for businesses to ensure the protection of our shared environment while maintaining workplace safety.”

TerraCycle Regulated Waste created the EasyPak program to help businesses facilitate the effective and compliant management of regulated, universal and hazardous waste. All EasyPak boxes are UN-compliant and are sealed while in transit, limiting any possibility of contamination. Additionally, for added convenience, the EasyPak containers are available for purchase through a reorder subscription program ensuring that property managers are never left without a solution to their universal waste.

The boxes travel for up to a week before they are received at TerraCycle Regulated Waste facilities, where additional safety precautions are taken in accordance with CDC recommendations. The EasyPak program does not accept medical waste or biohazardous materials.

To learn about TerraCycle’s Regulated Waste Division, visit www.lamprecycling.com.