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Telkonet Awarded Contract for Energy Efficiency Program


GERMANTOWN, MD.—Telkonet, Inc., a leading provider of centrally managed solutions for integrated energy management, networking, building automation and proactive support services, announced that it has been awarded an exclusive two-year energy management contract with a major U.S.-based automation and control solutions Fortune 100 company, following an expansion of their program for a major West Coast utility. The Fortune 100 company will market Telkonet’s products to end users.

Sustainable energy policies and aggressive carbon footprint reduction targets have moved to the top of the hospitality industry’s corporate agenda. As energy prices soar and guests increasingly cite environmental consciousness as a key factor in choosing a place to stay, hoteliers recognize the need to implement green initiatives. A key element of this energy efficiency program, Telkonet SmartEnergy, significantly reduces in-room heating and cooling usage, helping hoteliers to reduce their utility bills and show guests they care about preserving the environment.

Under the program, qualifying hotel and motel owners are provided with Telkonet SmartEnergy products and installation free of charge, with the automation and control solutions company providing the administration and installation, matched by funding from the West Coast utility. Installing Telkonet SmartEnergy—consisting of energy management occupancy sensors, thermostats or controllers—yields immediate bottom line results through decreased energy consumption when rooms are vacant, while achieving comfortable room temperatures for guests. With 50 to 70 percent of a hotel’s energy bill attributed to room-related heating and cooling, Telkonet’s system is a tool to reduce energy consumption, improve corporate profits, and advance environmental and green initiatives.

“Conserving energy makes fiscal and environmental sense, and this program makes it automatic, easy to implement and cost-effective,” said Jeff Sobieski, executive vice president of energy management for Telkonet. “The initial stage of this program was highly successful, resulting in the retrofitting of thousands of hotel and motel rooms, which produced significant energy savings. Our system’s advanced features and benefits were key reasons for Telkonet’s selection as the exclusive provider for this expanded program.”

“Users can access detailed run-time statistical data to track performance, heating and cooling status, and room occupancy patterns, enabling them to accurately report the energy savings to the sponsoring electric utility,” Sobieski added. “Our patented Recovery Time technology ensures that vacant guestrooms achieve the most energy-efficient temperatures based on a wide variety of factors, and that room temperatures quickly return to the guest’s preferred temperature setting within minutes upon their return. We look forward to continuing to support this energy efficiency program to help the hospitality industry meet their green energy goals.”

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