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Synavax Introduces Energy Protect Clear Coating


DENVER—Synavax introduces Energy Protect, a water-based, easy to apply clear coating that provides thermal insulation for energy savings, mold resistance, and UV resistance. It is used in a wide variety of home and commercial building insulation applications due to the easy application over existing structures to increase energy efficiency.

Customers using this patented technology report saving between 20 to 40 percent on their heating and cooling energy costs. The coating has independent testing over walls illustrating a reduction of heat transfer of 34.8 percent at the standard three-coat coverage. As a bonus, Energy Protect does more than insulate in a clear thin film. It is also mold, moisture, and UV resistant. It is also a sustainable product that is water-based, non-toxic, non-hazardous, and low voc and can be used for LEED points.

Energy Protect was engineered and patented by Synavax, a leader in global nanoscience solutions. This award winning technology can be used on multiple architectural surfaces. Use on walls (interior or exterior), ceilings, ductwork, skylights, attics, and more. The coating can be used over nearly any building surface type, including wood, brick, painted walls, drywall, concrete, and stucco.

It is easily applied with a standard paint sprayer, brush, or roller. The coating is clear with a matte finish and is clear over most surfaces except for glass, to which it gives a slightly frosted look, while retaining approximately 90 to 92 percent of visible light transmission and reducing UV penetration by approximately 80 percent. The coating is based upon technology that earned a Best Green Project Award for being used on the Bangkok, Thailand International Airport, and that has won other awards for building energy efficiency and factory sustainability.


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