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SWIO Installs Fastest EV Charging Stations to Date in Luxembourg


AMSTERDAMSWIO, a full charging management solution provider for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, and EVBox, a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions in Europe, are joining forces to provide drivers with the fastest charging stations in Luxembourg to date.

Losch, mobility service provider, and SOCOM, infrastructure engineering firm, started the EV charging management solution joint venture, SWIO, to incentivize EV charging in Luxembourg. SWIO has already installed two EVBox Troniq High Power DC fast charging stations—providing an output of 320kW and 400kW.

EVBox believes that easy installation is just as important as delivering high quality products. After extensive field testing and gathering feedback from installers and customers, EVBox has developed an innovative, in-house installation method for EVBox Troniq High Power charging stations. With the modular design, new base frame, and guiding templates, EVBox’s installer partners can work freely and have full control of installing heavy power cables. During the installation, the plate base is first placed into the ground, enabling easy and fast grid connection. The process does not require any complex plinths and maximizes space for installers, while minimizing errors and delays. The charging station is then put easily onto the base, allowing hassle-free installation for all EVBox Troniq High Power charging stations on the field.

The installation of these 320kW and 400kW charging stations is only the beginning for SWIO’s partnership with EVBox to make fast charging more accessible across the country. SWIO will be installing multiple EVBox Troniq High Power charging stations throughout Luxembourg so that anyone driving through the country can charge on-the-go. As a result, these areas have the potential to become an important charging hub in the future.

“At SWIO, we focus on providing tailor-made solutions for electric cars, and EVBox’s DC charging solutions has given our prospects the opportunity to fast charge on-the-go in public spaces. We are excited for the many installations of EVBox Troniq Modular happening soon and EVBox Troniq High Power to enable powerful and scalable fast charging in Luxembourg,” says Marvin Rassel, Coordinator at SWIO.