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‘Sustainable Sips’ Just One Part of Valencia Group’s Plans for Earth Month


The Valencia Group is touting its commitment to protecting the planet with a number of different green initiatives this month. First of all, the predominant image on its website is Earth as seen from space. Below that image is a summary of some of the steps the company is taking this month—eco-friendly cocktails in its bars, for example. “We are proud to say that we do our part to protect Mother Earth by sourcing local ingredients, beautifying our areas, supporting community gardens, planting trees in our areas, and paying careful attention to sustainability efforts in each of our destinations,” the company’s home page states. The Valencia Group also issued a press release highlighting its ongoing sustainability programs as well as its Earth Day and Month activities. “We view our green initiatives not as a luxury or option, but as a necessity. Our hotels’ sustainability remains important to not only our guests but also our associates,” says Roy Kretschmer, Valencia Group Executive VP of Operations.

Highlights of recently implemented and ongoing green programming include: installation of motion-triggered lighting systems and energy-efficient lightbulbs; installation of low-flow toilets in public spaces and guestrooms; retrofitting of dishwasher spray nozzles to low-flow systems; conversion to biodegradable room keys; selection of glassware replacement focusing on 100 percent post-consumer recycled glass; selection of to-go boxes made from 100 percent compostable and biodegradable corn and soy paper; and guest promotion of towel reuse.

To mark Earth Day, Century Square, the mixed-use destination and future home of the two newest Valencia Group hotels in College Station, Texas, will have a total of four century-old oak trees that will be relocated within the development site to accommodate for planned infrastructure and building improvements and to keep from having to cut down the trees.

Throughout April, Valencia Group hotels are inviting guests to toast its food and beverage program’s focus on locally sourced ingredients with a special menu of Sustainable Sips cocktail offerings, which utilize gins, vodkas and whiskeys that have no additives and integrate organic botanicals such as thyme, rosemary, lavender and sage. In its press release, Valencia Group includes recipes for some of its “green” cocktails.

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