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Survey Notes Rise in Interest in Energy-Saving Kitchen Equipment


NEW PORT RICHEY, FLA.—The use of “green” products is growing in U.S. restaurant operations, and ice machines lead the way in energy-saving food and beverage equipment purchases. That’s according to an online Enodis survey of restaurant operators. Enodis asked operators to identify the categories of energy-efficient products they had purchased over the past two years. Eighty six percent of respondents indicated they had purchased some form of energy-saving food or beverage equipment in the past two years. Thirty one percent of respondents to the online survey reported purchasing energy-saving ice machines.

Energy-saving products are a growing trend in the foodservice market, according to data released by the National Restaurant Assn. A 2005 NRA survey showed that at that time, more than 50 percent of all operators have purchased energy-saving equipment in the past two years. That survey, which was not limited to kitchen equipment, showed that refrigeration and HVAC were the most-frequently purchased energy-saving categories.

Award Winning Kitchen Products

“We’re seeing a clear trend of increased interest in, and demand for, energy- and resource-saving kitchen equipment,” says Dean Landeche, vice president of marketing for Enodis USA. “The Scotsman Prodigy, which offers category-leading energy- and water-saving performance, is a great example of that interest. Based largely on its resource-saving performance and smart technology, Prodigy was named by an independent panel of judges as a 2007 NRA Kitchen Innovation award winner; as one of the best new products by attendees at the Western Foodservice and Hospitality Show; and as one of the industry’s most innovative products by FCSI consultants. Frymaster fryers are also category leaders in energy-saving performance, along with products from Cleveland, Delfield, Dean, Garland, ICE O-Matic, Jackson, and Lincoln.”

Enodis and its leading brands offer a full line of energy- and water-saving equipment. The Enodis Enerlogic program makes it easy for operators to identify, evaluate and purchase more than 600 products tested and proven to meet tough third-party standards for energy- and water-saving performance.

Enodis is also working with leading organizations to develop resource-saving standards in other product categories, including recently-proposed Energy Star standards for ice machines and warewashing equipment. Beyond products, Enodis is also a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, supported newly-adopted standards for LEED certification of schools, and is advocating development of LEED standards for commercial restaurants.

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