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Stylex Achieves BIFMA Level Certification


DELANCO, N.J.—Stylex announced that its current seating portfolio has attained BIFMA level certification. A transparent, multi-attribute third-party certification program for the furniture industry, level is similar in intention to the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED certification for the building industry.

Stylex President John Golden explains, “We’re proud to have attained level certification. It speaks to the rigorous environmental and social standards we aspire to, and we’re excited to offer our customers proof of our commitment in this area.”

BIFMA’s level was designed to communicate the environmental and social impacts of furniture products in the built environment across many attributes and has become an internally accepted standard in North America, Europe, and many parts of Asia. The program looks holistically at a manufacturer’s corporate responsibility policies, manufacturing facilities, and finished products.

There are four broad areas to a level certification: Energy & Atmosphere, Materials, Human & Ecosystem Health, and Social Responsibility—each consisting of multiple sub-attributes. The “Materials” category, for example, includes assessments about climate neutrality, recycled content, and water management, while “Social Responsibility” factors in not only health and safety concerns, but also accounts for labor and human rights.

Stylex products now carrying the level certification mark are: Insight, Robus, SAVA, Foundation, Mark 2, MG, Nestle, Paz, Share, Insight Wraparound, Foundation HC, Allround, Avo, Bounce, Brooks, Luna, Rhythm, Welcome and Zephyr.

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