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SteamSuite Revamps Hotel Bath by Converting Ordinary Showers into Luxury Steam Showers


DIAMOND BAR, CALIF.—SteamSuite, a high-end
steam shower manufacturer, has created an amenity that provides guests with a relaxing spa environment in the privacy of their own room, while also enabling hotels to save exponentially on their water bill while adding an up-charge to guests’ overall room charges.

“Steam bathing is clinically proven to release toxins from the body, improve respiration and circulation, and ease tense muscles,” says SteamSuite president Jari Ristola. “The benefits of steam not only improve a guest’s experience at your hotel, but encourage them to return.”

It is a fact that the steam shower is a more functional and useable alternative to the bathtub. Guests can experience a steam bath and enjoy the ultimate in relaxation complete with aromatherapy treatment. Steam showers conserve more water than the regular shower or bath. With green concerns on the rise, these units take only 1 gallon of water to power a 20-minute steam bath. It takes 40 gallons of water to power a 20-minute shower.

Out Go the Wrinkles

SteamSuite units feature Wrinkle Free technology. Guests push a button and in minutes their ensemble is wrinkle free; perfect for business travelers and tourists looking to spruce up their clothing before an outing. Wrinkle Free also cuts costs for hotels. When guests use the regular shower’s hot water to steam up their bathroom to de-wrinkle their clothing, they usually run water for up to 20 minutes, which wastes 70 gallons of water that also needs to be heated; which causes energy and water bills to climb. Wrinkle Free utilizes less than one quart of water to steam clothes to satisfaction.

SteamSuite’s generator features FastStart technology, which produces steam in seconds, not minutes. SteamSuite’s steam showers are ideal for hotels and commercial establishments because of their easy installation. The generator’s distribution center can be installed up to 50 pipe feet away from the shower enclosure, which leaves numerous options for placement. One generator provides steam for up to four rooms.

There are only two changes that need to be made to an ordinary shower in order to convert to SteamSuite. They include:

1. The walls and ceiling need to be moisture proof and composed of materials such as tile, acrylic or some other non-porous material.
2. The enclosure requires a vapor-proof door, thereby sealing the enclosure. Because the shower is enclosed, the bathroom area remains steam-free; leaving every mirror in the bathroom clear.

SteamSuite’s products are designed for safety. Steamheads are installed on the top corner of the shower so that they are not accessible to touch, which is revolutionary in itself as most steamheads are located near the floor.

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