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Stay Focused on Sustainability—Yes, Even This Earth Day

Glenn Hasek

I wrote my first Green Lodging News Earth Day column 13 years ago. So much has changed on our planet since then. For example, last year was the fifth year in a row that was the hottest on record. We all have different priorities now, but I challenge you to keep your eyes on sustainability this 50th Earth Day (April 22) and every day—even as you fight your way through the current crisis.

When COVID-19 is solved, we will still have global warming, air pollution, a dramatic decline in biodiversity, species extinction, etc. In fact, with recent rollbacks in emissions regulations air pollution may even get worse.

As bleak as things seem currently, I am still encouraged by the thousands of best practices in sustainability in our industry that will live on in the years to come—practiced by people passionate about making a positive difference in our world.

Thanks to the folks at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs for reaching out to me for Earth Day regarding the cool things they are doing at that 5,000-acre property. The Broadmoor has been on the cutting edge of the sustainable food movement, including growing produce at the property’s garden and greenhouse for its 20 restaurants and cafés, as well as harvesting honey from its own hives and raising Wagyu beef at the resort’s ranch. The Broadmoor also leads a “Food Rescue” initiative providing a steady supply of donated food to the Springs Rescue Mission. These meals were originally prepared for buffets and events in hotels across the city that otherwise would have gone to waste—food that has never been out of the kitchen, which has had an environmental impact, as well as a social impact. Since 2017 over 23,000 pounds of food has been repurposed.

Thanks also to Grupo Vidanta, the leading resort and tourism developer in Mexico and Latin America, for contacting me for Earth Day. Last year, Grupo Vidanta produced about 6.1 million kWh of electricity from its more than 12,000 solar panels, which is enough to power approximately 47,732 households per year. Wastewater treatment plants installed at four of the organization’s resort properties treated a total of 6.6 million gallons of water from 2014 to 2019. Vidanta Riviera Maya launched a sargassum removal project to prevent ongoing damage on the coast and beaches and collected 3,578 tons of sargassum seaweed in 2019 through manual operations and with an installed barrier system.

These are just two example of thousands of properties committed to reducing their environmental impact. One of my greatest joys as editor of Green Lodging News is reading such success stories.

Be Better Stewards of Our Planet

No matter how we live our lives and practice business, the Earth will continue to go on for millions of years. There is a lot to be said, however, about leaving the Earth better than we found it—not trashing it and making it worse. That is where we all come in. Choosing to recycle. Choosing to not buy plastic. Choosing to not waste food. Practicing People, Planet, Profit. Supporting our local communities. Helping those in need.

I feel bad for my 8-year-old son today because he cannot play with his friends, he cannot go to his school, he cannot play in his soccer league, etc. What I am most worried about, however, is his future years from now and what life will be like for him here when I am gone. What kind of world will he live in? Will every year still be record hot? How many more species will be lost? How many more forests will be felled? How many more viruses will come along?

I prefer to be an optimist. Stay strong and healthy this Earth Day and every day. May we all share in better days ahead.

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GLN Adds Sustainable Events Network to Directory

Green Lodging News welcomes The Sustainable Events Network, Florida & Caribbean (SENFC) to its Green Product & Service Directory. SENFC is the sustainability resource for individuals, associations, corporations, event planners and event venues in Florida and the Caribbean. SENFC initiatives include food rescue, materials re-purposing, energy and water conservation, education, CSR and sustainability best practices. SENFC is affiliated with the Events Industry Council (EICsustainability.org). SENFC actively engages with EIC associations in the region to promote sustainability and provide education to members as well as for individuals independently engaged or wanting to be an advocate of sustainability. Call (954) 778-3228 or e-mail fwpurvey@sunlarkassociates.com.

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