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Starwood to Utilize BluePoint’s EnviroGen Energy Modules


EL DORADO HILLS, CALIF.—Chapeau Inc., d/b/a BluePoint Energy Inc., announced the signing of two discount energy purchase agreements in connection with the Sheraton Kauai Resort Hotel properties, which are owned and operated by a wholly owned subsidiary of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc.

These discount energy purchase agreements are intended to serve as the master form of agreement for all properties under the umbrella of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide. These initial contracts with the Sheraton Kauai properties represent approximately $1.4 million in project revenue to BluePoint with aggregate potential electricity billings of approximately $4.2 million over the 10-year term of the agreements.

Under the agreements with Starwood, BluePoint Energy will permit, engineer, and install its EnviroGen Energy Modules in two Sheraton Kauai properties in Kauai, Hawaii. The projects will feature BluePoint’s newly designed, environmentally responsible, continuous-duty diesel-driven combined cooling, heat and power EnviroGen Energy Modules.

Furthermore, these contracts designate BluePoint Energy and its technology for use within and among properties in the Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc. portfolio, which is currently comprised of approximately 850 properties in 95 countries globally.

Energy Needs Met More Easily

“While the Hawaiian island of Kauai is one of the most beautiful and remote places on earth, it presents special challenges with respect to accessing reliable and cost efficient energy,” says John Lembo, senior director, energy, Starwood Hotel & Resorts Worldwide. “We believe BluePoint’s EnviroGen Energy Modules offer Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide an extremely efficient and reliable alternative to our power and energy needs. We view both of these attributes as critical advantages contributing to our selecting BluePoint to serve as our principal energy provider at this particular locale.”

“Kauai is one of our more extreme cases, but the projected energy cost savings and reliability, together with its sensible, sensitive and responsible approach to environmental issues make the EnviroGen™ CHP Modules highly attractive power generation alternatives worldwide,” Lembo adds. “BluePoint offers us the opportunity to take greater control over our energy costs while ensuring the comfort of our valued guests and patrons.”

“We are exceedingly pleased with the positive developments in our relationship with Starwood as evidenced by the signing of these master contracts and the upcoming Kauai projects,” says Guy A. Archbold, CEO of BluePoint Energy Inc. “With our EnviroGen Energy Modules, we anticipate providing Starwood responsible alternatives for its power and energy needs at a significant number of its properties worldwide.”

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