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Stacy Garcia New York, Koroseal Unveil New Wallcoverings at HD Expo


NEW YORK—Stacy Garcia New York and Koroseal announce the previewing of three new wallcoverings. The Stuyvesant, Cabrini, and Sunset Park designs are their latest additions and represent the ideal combination of sophistication and durability. This opportunity to get a first look at the designs will take place from May 2-4 during HD Expo in Las Vegas.

Cabrini, with its subtle canvas embossing and modern wavy linework, creates a calming effect that is ideal for any space. Stuyvesant, a blend of 80’s nostalgia and modern architecture, features striking line work and geometric shapes that add energy to any room. Sunset Park offers a unique multi-colored boucle-like textured wallcovering with deep dimensional embossing, representing a reimagined form of woven fabric, adding depth and character to any interior.

Stacy Garcia’s modern and edgy designs have made her a go-to source for the commercial and hospitality industry, while Koroseal has consistently created attractive and functional interiors that inspire those who inhabit them for over 65 years. Together, they can provide innovative and dynamic design solutions that meet every need. The combination of Stacy Garcia’s modern design aesthetic and Koroseal’s resources allow for each client to receive the best of both worlds; Stacy Garcia’s cutting-edge designs and Koroseal’s commitment to quality and sustainability.

The Cabrini, Stuyvesant, and Sunset Park wallcoverings are now live on the Koroseal website.