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SCP Announces Commitment to Fully Vegetarian Menus, Net Zero Waste & Peaceful Rooms


SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CALIF.—Soul Community Planet (SCP)—a purpose driven Holistic Hospitality company—redoubled its commitment to its core values of healthy, kind, and green. Specifically, SCP announced it will become fully vegetarian across all its venues, will achieve net zero waste company-wide, and will standardize all its guestrooms on its signature “Peaceful Rooms” design, which provides sleep and relaxation experiences centered on non-toxic, plant-based bedding and Zen design elements, but which are free from traditional guestroom distractions such as clocks and TVs. SCP’s goal is to fully implement these three new programs during 2022.

“Born out of a vision to help make the world around us a better place, Soul Community Planet is committed to serving those who value wellness, kindness and sustainability. We are truly grateful for the overwhelmingly positive response our Holistic Hospitality concept has received to date. Today, we elevate our commitment to providing healthy, kind, and green accommodations and experiences that enhance the wellness of our guests, strengthen our communities, and to help create a more sustainable planet,” said Soul Community Planet Co-Founder and CEO Ken Cruse. “We are going fully vegetarian because locally-sourced, plant-based menus are unquestionably good for both personal and planetary wellness. We are committing to become a net zero waste organization to combat our industry’s devastating throw-away practices. Finally, we are converting all our guestrooms to Peaceful Rooms because we believe our guestroom experience should be centered around rest and relaxation, and free from distractions. We hope all three of these new programs will not only serve to fulfill our commitment to our guests and the planet but will also inspire others to follow suit.”

Purpose-Driven Experiences

SCP’s mission has always been to provide clean, fresh, energy efficient, low-waste accommodations, fitness and coworking. SCP’s venues are designed to offer premium, purpose-driven experiences for those who value health, social good and sustainability.

SCP’s elevated brand standards will include:

  • Fully Vegetarian Menus—Plant-based diets are good for personal and planetary wellness. By standardizing all of SCP’s food and beverage on vegetarian offerings, SCP is elevating its commitment to providing its guests and members with healthy, community-centric, sustainable dining. This commitment is a natural progression of SCP’s Terra Kitchen, the first of which opened last month at the SCP Redmond. Terra Kitchen features a plant-forward menu, serving fruits, vegetables and crops sourced from local regenerative farms, as well as local regions’ mountains, valleys, and streams. SCP’s commitment to healthy, locally sourced vegetarian offerings extends to the brand’s Provisions Markets, which will feature locally sourced, fresh, organic, and wholesome consumables including local craft beer, kombucha, coffee, along with grab-and-go options available around the clock.
  • Net Zero Waste—Achieving Net Zero Waste means reducing, reusing, and recovering waste streams to convert them to valuable resources with zero solid waste sent to landfills over the course of the year. SCP will achieve net zero waste by maintaining a comprehensive program of sustainability standards, with residual waste offsets achieved through SCP’s Pristine Makai program or a similar domestic program. Through sustainability measures, SCP hotels have already achieved meaningfully lower waste production than typical hotels through extensive use of eco-friendly materials in its renovations, incorporating new energy-efficient systems and solar power, locally sourced fresh food, and by implementing regenerative local composting programs at each property. SCP is already committed to eliminating the use of single-use plastic water bottles and utensils and offers guests refill water stations to encourage use of reusable plastic bottles throughout their travels.
  • Peaceful Rooms—Reflective of the need to disconnect and recharge while traveling, all SCP hotel rooms will be converted to Peaceful Room standards, which provide a calming rest and relaxation centric environment free of the usual distractions (TVs, clocks, and radios), but which include added amenities to enhance guests’ peace and clarity, including a yoga mat, meditation pillow, sound machine, as well as a selection of essential oils, calming teas and more.

The programs announced join SCP’s other defining programs: 

  • Every Stay Does Good—Through Every Stay Does Good every guest check-in to an SCP Hotel drives measurable positive impacts to the world through SCP’s partners. The Every Stay Does Good program is oriented around SCP’s core values:
    • Soul—every guest stay at an SCP Hotel provides one adolescent with well-being tools and resources to help build life-long mental health skills through SCP’s partnership with WE Well-Being. More than 30,000 adolescents have been helped to date through this program.
    • Community—every guest stay at an SCP Hotel provides 24 hours of electricity to light the home of a family of a critically ill child through a partnership with Miracles for Kids. More than 340,000 hours of light have been provided through this program to date.
    • Planet—every guest stay at an SCP Hotel results in one tree being planted in an unnaturally deforested area through a partnership with One Tree Planted. More than 40,000 trees have been planted through this program to date.
  • Pristine Makai—Adapting the Every Stay Does Good program to meet and support specific local needs based on each property’s location, the SCP Hilo’s Pristine Makai program launched in June 2021. In partnership with the Hawai’i Wildlife Fund (HWF), every time a guest stays at the new SCP Hilo, the property supports HWF’s efforts to keep the Island’s beaches pure by facilitating recovery of approximately 2.2 pounds of marine debris (roughly the equivalent of waste created by a typical hotel guest’s stay in the U.S.) that comes from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to Hawaii’s remote southern beaches. To date, 4.1 thousand pounds of pacific waste has been recovered through this program.
  • Fair Trade Pricing– Through SCP’s Fair Trade Pricing program (FTP), SCP’s guests themselves determine the price they pay for their stay based on the quality of their experience. Through FTP, the accountability for providing exceptional experiences to those who value wellness, kindness, and the environment resides squarely with SCP.

SCP hotels are currently located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Redmond and Depoe Bay, Oregon, Hilo, Hawaii, and the Salishan Coastal Lodge by SCP in Gleneden Beach, Oregon. SCP is actively growing its brand footprint, with the goal of developing at least 25 SCP locations in the United States by the end of 2023.

For more information, visit www.soulcommunityplanet and  www.scphotels.com.