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Sonesta Selects Interplay to Increase Engineer Training Adoption


AUSTIN, TEXAS—Interplay Learning, a leading provider of online and VR training for the essential skilled trades announced that Sonesta International Hotels Corp., a globally renowned hotel company with 1,200+ hotel properties worldwide, selected Interplay to increase engineer training adoption and advance safety initiatives for 500 impacted employees. Since implementing Interplay’s innovative training solution in the latter half of 2023, Sonesta has already observed a 50 percent increase in training adoption over the previous year.

Focused on a safety-first approach, Sonesta prioritized launching quarterly core safety courses and emphasized OSHA compliance within its training programs. Intending to modernize training delivery and increase engagement for maintenance engineers, the hotel group made huge strides in these critical areas, enabling Sonesta to provide innovative simulation training that engineers want to use, stay at the forefront of industry best practices, develop careers, and deliver exceptional experiences to guests.

“Our main focus was getting our engineers engaged and into the training so we could build core safety skills and level-set foundational competencies,” said Kate Stiteler, Director of Training at Sonesta. “Interplay has been a great partner in delivering training that fits the growing and changing needs of the hotel business at scale, and the impressive doubling of our training adoption rates within just six months is a testament to its effectiveness.”

“Our partnership with Interplay has been transformative for our training programs, and we are excited about the possibilities it opens up for the future as we explore learning paths customized to distinct job roles and property types,” said Steve Jurczyk, Director of National Engineering & Facilities Operations, Sonesta. “While safety is a primary focus, we now offer skill-specific courses for our hotel engineers. We’d love to expand our training to include VR to enhance the learning experience and help attract new talent into our maintenance and engineering departments.”

“Sonesta is redefining hospitality standards by focusing on innovation in its maintenance and engineer training,” said Doug Donovan, CEO, and founder of Interplay Learning. “The significant increase in training adoption rates is a testament to their forward-thinking training strategy, and we take pride in our role in supporting Sonesta as they lead the charge in upskilling their workforce.”