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Sofitel San Francisco Bay Recognized by Redwood City for Recycling Efforts


REDWOOD CITY, CALIF.—Sofitel San Francisco Bay was recently recognized for becoming the first to collaborate with the City of Redwood City on its Recycled Water Project. The award ceremony, which was held at the hotel’s poolside last month, also celebrated the first gallons of recycled water that have traveled through the recycling system.

“Like other areas in California, our community’s demand for water is exceeding the supply that is available from the region’s sole source of water—the Hetch Hetchy water system,” says Didier de La Ferrière, Sofitel San Francisco general manager. “By participating in this program, Sofitel is helping to save millions of gallons of the city’s drinking water for other critical community uses. I hope others will realize the importance of this program and participate in Redwood City’s innovative and creative water conservation efforts.”

The Redwood City Recycled Water Project provides design, construction, and construction management services to help convert and deliver recycled water to existing eligible irrigation systems—such as commercial irrigation systems and industrial processes—that are currently being supplied with potable drinking water. The program’s goal is to save approximately 900 acre-feet (300 million gallons) of drinking water annually by replacing the irrigation and industrial demand with recycled water by 2010. The project will ultimately help the San Francisco Bay area meet its long-term water supply needs while increasing its overall supply reliability.

Reclaimed Wastewater Reused

Recycled water, sometimes referred to as reclaimed water, is former wastewater that has been treated and purified for reuse. Using reclaimed water for non-potable use saves potable water for drinking and other crucial uses; therefore, it directly increases the drinking water supply.

Sofitel San Francisco Bay, located in Redwood City, became the first to volunteer for the project in 2005. After detailed planning and the installation of the necessary tools, the hotel began producing its first recycled water for landscape irrigation the week of June 18, 2007.

“Sofitel is really to be applauded for their forward-thinking and innovative use of recycled water, and for their continued partnership in helping to preserve drinking water for the benefit of our community,” says Redwood City Mayor Barbara Pierce. “Their commitment is an example to other businesses of not only the importance of this program, but also of how it makes economic sense as well.”

By the end of this year, Sofitel plans to expand upon its commitment to water recycling by implementing an additional recycling program for the property’s industrial uses, including laundry services and toilets.

For more information on the Redwood City Recycled Water Project, visit www.RedwoodCity.org/RecycledWater.