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SmartCube Replaces AutoClassic as Leading Automated Minibar


ROCKVILLE, MD.—SmartCube, the next generation minibar released in 2006, has replaced AutoClassic as the No. 1 fully automated minibar in the U.S. hotel market. Over the past 12 years, Minibar Systems has installed thousands of the AutoClassic line of automated minibars throughout North America. As the co-designer of the AutoClassic, Minibar Systems will continue to support all hotels with AutoClassic for the next several years and advises hotels that have the AutoClassic system to call 1-877-464-6422 for immediate technical, operational and spare parts support.

Smartcube, a ground-breaking next-generation product from Minibar Systems, combines cutting edge technology, upgradeability, eco-friendly materials, upscale design, and a strong in-room retail profit potential for hoteliers. Smartcube is designed for maximum flexibility in all areas of minibar operations with choice of cooling systems, glass doors, unlimited products, upgradeability and ability to change its look at any time.

Minibar Systems is a Rockville, Maryland-based company with 35 years of experience in providing in-room amenities to the hospitality industry. Its product lines include minibars, safes and a full range of support services including design, manufacturing and installation, in-room retail expertise, operations research, statistical analysis and ongoing training. In the past few years, Minibar has focused on expanding its in-room retail programs to hotels.

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