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Simmons Hospitality Group Launches Three New Bedding Products


ATLANTA—The Simmons Hospitality Group, the contract division of Simmons Bedding Co., has launched three new bedding products—the Beautyrest Black luxury line, the zip-off EverNU mattress top and the Natural Care latex line. The products are designed to provide hotel guests with quality sleep that meets their specific needs and desires regarding luxury, comfort and environmental sustainability.

“Hotel guests increasingly are becoming interested in luxury-oriented and environmentally-friendly properties, and Simmons is launching our Beautyrest Black and Natural Care bedding lines to cater to these growing trends,” says Steve Tipton, vice president of the Simmons Hospitality Group. “Plus, we developed our new zip-off EverNU mattress top so hotels can refresh their mattresses simply by replacing their beds’ top upholstery layers. Because hotels constantly struggle with maintaining the comfort of their beds through years of guest use, we feel that this innovation offers an answer to an industry-wide problem.”

The Beautyrest Black collection includes all of the motion separation and conformability elements for which the Beautyrest mattress line is renowned and places them in a luxury edition that includes expert tailoring to provide comfort. The line features Advanced Pocketed Coil technology for enhanced durability and components like natural modal. The line also includes the EverNU mattress top for sustained comfort and prolonged mattress life.

Top Extends Mattress Life

Simmons created the EverNU mattress top to help hotels get the most use out of their Beautyrest or Beautyrest Black mattresses. Most hotel bed replacements occur because the mattresses’ comfort layers have compressed over time, causing the beds to lose their original feel. The EverNU top enables a hotel to replace the comfort layers of its mattresses without replacing the beds’ Pocketed Coil or Advanced Pocketed Coil springs, which last far longer than the fabrics and foams used in comfort layers. Because of the EverNU top’s unique design, a property may be able to use its mattresses for years longer than previously possible.

Natural Care bedding helps to create a natural sleep environment. The mattress’ soft, supportive natural latex surface provides lift in all the right places and helps eliminate pressure points across the entire body. In addition to its comfort and support benefits, natural latex is an extremely resilient material that performs for years and is naturally anti-microbial, hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, mold and mildew.

The Simmons Hospitality Group introduced its new Beautyrest Black line, EverNU mattress top and Natural Care line at the HD 2007 Expo & Conference in Las Vegas.

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