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September 30 Busch Webinar to Focus on Waste Reduction


BARRIE, ONT.—Busch Systems, leaders in recycling and waste solutions, is hosting the next program as part of the Green Thinking Webinar Series on September 30, 2021. This free webinar will feature case studies by industry experts on the topic of Incorporating Waste Reduction into Hotel & Resort Operations.

As travelers increasingly seek brands that reflect their values, the hospitality industry has taken big steps to embrace sustainability. Recycling remains a bedrock part of any green lodging program, but many corporate and individual properties are discovering other ways that waste reduction practices—from food composting to eliminating single use plastics—can yield a significant ROI.

Hosted by Senior Advisor Alec Cooley, panelists will first share their experiences through case study presentations, followed by a free-flowing open discussion and a live Q&A session for all participants.

“This program will feature presentations and panel discussion from industry experts on topics ranging from employee engagement and waste hauling contracts to procurement decisions that put the circular economy at the center of hotel and resort operations,” explains Cooley.

For more information and to register for this free online webinar visit: https://www.buschsystems.com/hotel-resort-sustainability/.