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Sensibo Launches Integration with ecobee Smart Thermostats


REDWOOD CITY, CALIF.—Sensibo, maker of smart HVAC solutions and smart air purification systems, launches an integration with ecobee smart thermostats. Ecobee users can now add their devices to the Sensibo app and use Sensibo’s Pure Boost function to boost air purification.

Sensibo air purifiers are smart and connected devices that are equipped with top grade HEPA filters and use the Pure Boost technology to enhance air quality inside spaces. The technology monitors the air quality inside the space and the pollution outside and links to the user’s air conditioners and central air.

With the new integration with ecobee, users of both Sensibo air purification devices and ecobee thermostats can link the devices together to increase air circulation when the air quality is poor. Using air conditioners and central air to circulate the air through the purifier’s filters increases the efficiency of air filtration by up to 70 percent.