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SelfEco Introduces New Party, Catering Ware


STILLWATER, MINN.—SelfEco introduces its new line of bioplastic party and catering ware that is Compostable without Compromise. “Compostable products should be superior to the non-recyclable, disposable products they replace,” said Danny Mishek, President, SelfEco. “You should not have to make sacrifices to use them. You should feel proud and excited to use them. We have transformed compostable party and catering ware from products customers are forced to use to products they want to use because of their quality and appeal.”

“SelfEco has created a line of upscale, attractive and durable disposable service ware that fits great into many event and party themes,” said Connie Weigel, Director of Purchasing, Kelber Catering, Minneapolis. “It is all compostable and perfectly supports our sustainable hospitality practices.”

SelfEco offers more than 20 unique products, including drinkware, caterware and cutlery. With trendy designs and a selection of 12 vibrant, fashion-forward colors, SelfEco enhances creative food presentation. The distinctive drinkware collection features SelfEco exclusives, including martini glasses and champagne flutes, which have the versatility to serve drinks, hors d’oeuvres, appetizers or desserts. Interchangeable parts allow for mixing and matching different color bases with clear glasses and flutes to complement a variety of event themes and venues.

SelfEco designs, engineers, manufactures, and packages all its own party and catering ware in the United States with a biocompostable material sourced in the United States. All SelfEco products are manufactured in a food-grade, food-safe biopolymer, a plant-based bioplastic (PLA) derived from starchy renewable plants. SelfEco uses PLA Ingeo Bioplastic from Natureworks, LLC.

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