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Selective Micro Technologies Offering Disinfectant/Fungicide


DUBLIN, OHIO—As the hospitality industry continues to recover from the effects of Covid-19, Selective Micro Technologies (SMT) has responded by offering new products to streamline and expedite some sanitizing and cleaning processes. These products were developed knowing that hotels and hospitality are experiencing challenges in attracting and retaining staff.

“Selective Micro Technologies built these new configurations after extensive research with our hospitality partners,” says Alex Kelley, Director Development.

Two new products address the need for quick room turnaround: the Clobberizer room deodorizer and CleanAir for ice machines. The Clobberizer room deodorizer rapidly releases pure ClO2 gas that will quickly and permanently eliminate the harshest room odors including smoke, pet, body odor and any other offensive smells.

The CleanAir is placed in hotel ice machines and emits an ultra-low concentration of ClO2 gas which keeps ice bacteria free and greatly reduces the number of times ice machines need to be serviced.

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