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Scandinavian Spaces Releases Fall Introductions


AUSTIN, TEXAS—Scandinavian Spaces is launching their 2020 Fall Introductions; a curated selection of new products and updates. The introductions consist of:

Tinnef—A table with a tabletop made from 100 percent recycled plastic
Design: Charlotte von der Lancken

History literally makes its mark when recycling becomes design and plastic waste is given a new lease of life in the form of the Tinnef table. With an explosion of eye-catching colors, this table makes a statement in any room. The tabletop is made from 100 percent recycled plastic and it is available in two different heights. With a distinctive pattern created by plastic bottles, each table is unique thanks to environmental innovation and an eco-friendly message. It is a table that is not afraid to show itself off and is keen to tell the story of its past while looking towards the future.

“In moving towards using fossil-free plastics, we must take care of things that already exist. I have created a new life for plastic waste in the form of a colorful table that still bears the marks of its history as a plastic bottle,” says designer Charlotte von der Lancken.

Allé—A plant divider that brings greenery indoors
Design: Kauppi & Kauppi

Indoors becomes outdoors when the playful Allé plant divider invites greenery into your environment. Available in a variety of layouts that provide the ability for living plants to be grown and displayed at different heights, this fun and functional room divider brings the joy of the garden inside. Inspired by the avenues and willow-lined roads of southern Sweden, Allé can blend in or stand out in solitary splendor, be repeated in long rows, or create green items of interest. It can guide people in the right direction—or invite them to stop and take a coffee break at the small table besides a green feature. It includes self-watering pots that allow those who do not have green thumbs to easily care for whatever blooms are planted. A multitude of color options lets you choose if you want your divider to be a pop of color or to simply enhance the greenery it will hold.

Rocca—A stool based on movements, now with new height  
Design: Alexander Rehn

Still fresh-faced from its exciting original release earlier this year, Rocca is now being offered in another seat height, 24.2″, to suit 36″ high tables. Always poised on the edge of movement, Rocca lends an energetic feel to any space, a feeling further enhanced by its vibrant color options. The Rocca stool has a sleek, playful design that helps keep the body active. The bend in the bottom ring encourages movement, while the soft cushioned seat keeps you comfortable. Together the stools form a unit that encourages interaction, both between the stool and the body, and between the stool and the environment. Additionally, the Rocca stool’s slim but sturdy frame makes it incredibly easy to pick up and carry around in activity-based meeting places.